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Jennifer Love Hewitt

Lifetime Is Making A Television Show Based on Pride and Prejudice Featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt

A photo of Jennifer Love Hewitt

This isn’t even a joke, this is actually happening. Lifetime, our favorite network, decided that they wanted to adapt Pride and Prejudice into a television show. The show will be called Darcy’s Town, and it will be set in the present day. In Virginia. Natch.

But Jennifer Love Hewitt isn’t going to be featured onscreen – at least, there’s no word right now that she will be – but she’ll be working as the executive producer. It’s also going to be written by the woman who wrote Charmed.

You can go ahead and thank me for telling me about your new favorite television show now.

Love It or Leave It: Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Such A Mess

A photo of Jennifer Love Hewitt

Dear Jennifer Love Hewitt and every other woman who exists,

There are clothes that will look very flattering on you. You can find them at various places around the world.


P.S. This is not ok:

A photo of Jennifer Love Hewitt

No, I get it though, I do. It can be hard to find really cute clothes if you’re not a very thin woman with an hourglass shape and at a medium height. We all have our own unique problems when it comes to fashion, and I’m not making light of that. I still weep with joy every time I find a pair of jeans that can fit my ass without gaping obscenely at the waist (two times so far this year!). But you know what you do? You adapt, and you move on. You don’t give up and hop in some tragic jumpsuit. You keep fighting, because you’re worth it.

You’re worth it, J. Love. You’re so worth it.

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Mom Died

photo of jennifer love hewitt and mom pictures
From People:

[Jennifer Love Hewitt's] mom Patricia, 67, lost her battle with cancer on Tuesday, Hewitt’s rep announced in a statement.

“Her family mourns her loss,” the rep says. “She was an angel to all who knew her and they are grateful she is now in a better place. They ask for privacy at this difficult time. No further details are being provided.”

Hewitt, 33, who kept her mom’s illness private, appreciated her acceptance of the career decisions she made. For example, the actress’s mother was able to find her role as a prostitute on The Client List “hilarious,” Hewitt joked two years ago. “She was like, ‘So let’s review … For 15 years people have been talking about your boobs. Earlier this year, you wrote about your hoo haw in a book. Now you’re playing a crack ho on TV.’ She was like, ‘Do you think maybe you could do an animated movie next?’ “

Man. Poor Jennifer. All of this recent success, only to have something truly sad happen now. J’s mom was always cracking jokes at her daughter’s expense, all of them having to do with JLH’s sexy self. About her role as a prostitute, Jennifer says:

“My mom’s like, ‘I’m so proud. You’re pole dancing and you’re going to play a prostitute. Awesome!’ It’s like, ‘Yeah, what you always dreamed about, mama!’ But you know, it’s a great part.”

RIP, Ms. Hewitt. Hope you can keep on being proud of your daughter wherever you are.