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I Think I Figured Out What Kristen Stewart’s Problem Is

OK, so people always call Kristen Stewart a bitch, right? They say she’s aloof and too cool for school and rude in her awkwardness. I don’t think that’s true, you guys. This is what I think it is: Kristen Stewart sucks at talking.

Technically, there’s many worse problems the girl could have. She’s an actress. She doesn’t need to know how to engage people in conversation because when she’s working, someone else is writing the dialogue. But when it comes to press tours and all that, it shows when someone’s not eloquent, and that was the case with this interview I stumbled upon.

Kristen, when asked why she’s not involved with more social networks, says, “I can’t be online because, I have to be online! I’d love to please the fans because of the way they support us, but time is not enough. It wouldn’t be enough the ammount of time I spent online with them.” Those are not the words of a well-spoken woman. It reads as super bitchy (“I don’t have time for that because anything I’d give would never be enough for my rabid fans.”), when I think/hope she means something much more sincere (“I can’t get involved with that stuff because I would never be able to respond to everyone and I don’t want anyone’s feelings to get hurt or be a disappointment.”)

But I’m not saying that she’s dumb, either. In the same interview she refers to music as one of the most “sensitive elements” in her life and has a pretty solid perspective on what fame and success has granted her (“Now people ask me “what’s next? what project are you choosing?”. It’s a privilege having the opportunity to have those questions, even if it’s hard to answer them sometimes. I owe it to Twilight. Fame looks more spectacular from the outside than it does from the inside.”) So what’s her deal? It’s weed. It’s all that weed. Chick’s a total stoner.

Chace Crawford Arrested For Possession of That Good Herb

Chace Crawford and one of his homies were chillin’ in a car in his native Texas last night when they kinda sorta got busted by a cop with under two ounces of marijuana (click the link to see his mugshot.) For those of you who aren’t familiar, two ounces isn’t exactly a huge amount of weed, but it would probably take even a serious stoner a month and a half to rip through all that green. Looks like someone stocked up before he came home for hiatus and like a moron, carried the whole stash around with him.

The cop spotted Chace and his friend in a pub parking lot and saw that they had a rolled but unsmoked joint in the car. That gave him right to search the vehicle and BAM! Homey went to jail. He was let out on bond pretty quickly, but there will definitely be a follow up with the courts, et c.

Since it’s “just pot” (sorry, I think it’s an essentially harmless drug), I doubt that this will have an effect on his Gossip Girl job or any gigs he may get in the future but GHADDAMN, BOY! Don’t roll around with that big of a sack!

Kirsten Dunst: “I Don’t Smoke Pot,” But I’m Going to Throw My Assistant Under the Bus Because She Does

photo of kirsten dunst outside wearing sunglasses and a black blazer

Kirsten Dunst attended a court hearing yesterday afternoon in NYC, regarding a burglary incident that took place back in 2007.   A man had allegedly broken into the star’s hotel suite, and ended up with both Kirsten’s and her assistant’s purses.

Dunst’s assistant, Liat Baruch, was said to have a considerable marijuana stash lodged away in her purse (… and why her purse? The stuff still is illegal, aren’t there better hideyholes for such things?) and when Dunst was questioned on the stand she claimed that she did not smoke pot … but knew for a fact that her assistant did.

Come on, now. Let’s be real. Some of these ensembles that Kirsten hits the down in have to be chosen while stoned. Nothing else makes sense. Aside from that pretty scathing evidence (oh, and the fact that she positively squawked about her weed-love back in ’07), Dunst always struck me as a pothead, anyway. She just looks like she’d get on famously with both Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey, but maybe it’s the wads of unbrushed blonde hair. Hey … Birds of a feather and all that.

The alleged thief, James Jiminez, has pled not guilty, but this is his second trial; the first was held back in October of 2009 and he was convicted. What a weird situation. Looks like someone’s been hitting up the Mary Jane pretty hard. Doesn’t seem like anyone involved with this case knows what the hell is going on. Still. Must have been some pretty killer bud, guys.

Are The Jersey Shore Kids a Bunch of Cokeheads?

Jersey Shore Cocaine Scandal

Let’s just review the facts about the kids on Jersey Shore: 1) They’re white trash (sorry if that offends you, but be real), 2) They suddenly have money to burn, and 3) They’re living in Miami. Is it any wonder that rumors are flying that the some of the Shore kids are scoring yeyo down in South Beach like it ain’t no thang? Hmmm, didn’t MTV just have a character on a reality show do the exact same thing? And didn’t E! do something like that before both of these shows? Just sayin’

From RadarOnline:

“Finding someone to buy drugs from in South Beach is as easy as asking for it,” the source said. “It’s not hard and everyone is discreet.”

The cast members do get some time to go off by themselves and when the cameras weren’t rolling that’s when the extracurricular activity began.

“A connection was made and that’s all it took,” the source told “A lot of things were done in code. Other people knew about it but no one ratted out this person.”

Drugs were not done in the house where everyone lived and the individual who scored coke was very careful to keep it away from the spotlight.

“But they all know each other so well. They will never admit it, never admit it happened,” the source added. “But it was an open secret among some.

Not to act crazy jaded, but no duh these kids are doing drugs. There’s a television show based on how wild they are when they go out partying together, obviously they’re not just hitting the bottle. One can’t maintain a relentless fist pump without the aid of some kind of stimulant, you know what I’m saying? I’m not condoning their drug use, but if we’re going to insist on keeping these jackasses on television, I’m not going to critique their survival tactics.

Kristin Chenoweth is On One

Kristin Chenoweth Tweets About Cough Syrup

From time to time we’ve all enjoyed the side effects of the medicine we’ve had to take after feeling crappy. You ain’t never caught me frowning at some liquid codeine post-dental surgery or a little bit of a muscle relaxant from the doctor after going in for a bad back. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the buzz when it’s prescribed, you know what I’m saying? Well, Kristin Chenoweth knows what I’m saying because homegirl is fuuuuuucked up on some sorta cough medicine she got to help her recover from a throat infection and Tweeting through the whole thing. Almost as good as Louis CK‘s drunken plane ride last week.

Is Kristin going Mormon on us and tripping on some OTC shit, or do are we thinking she’s got the good stuff?