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Demi Moore

Demi Moore Totally Wanted That Divorce The Whole Time

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Oh gosh, you guys, you wouldn’t even believe how happy Demi Moore is that Ashton Kutcher went ahead and filed for divorce. It’s like, beyond happy. Like if happiness was Jupiter, then what Demi’s feeling would be in some whole other galaxy. She’s SO happy.

From TMZ:

Demi Moore planned to divorce Ashton Kutcher from the day she left him in November, 2011 … sources connected with the former couple tell TMZ.

As we first reported … Ashton wanted to give Demi the chance to file herself — a whole dignity thing since he’s the one who was allegedly cheating on her — but he finally got tired of waiting after a year and filed for divorce Friday.

But our sources say Demi was not stalling … there was something going on with some sort of financial issues between the two of them that prevented her from filing … something she was trying to resolve. We’re told Demi never wavered in her resolve to get unhitched.

One final thing. Our sources say Demi is “genuinely happy” now and has no regrets about moving on.

See? She’s wanted to file for divorce for over a year, but she couldn’t, because “there was something going on.” I mean, we’ve all had something going on before, you know? Like yesterday, I meant to pick up some wrapping paper while I was out, but there was something going on and I just forgot. Or a couple of months ago, I really meant to get my wisdom teeth taken out, but there was something going on. It happens, you know? Stuff goes on all the time.

But hey, Demi’s super happy. She’s happy. But seriously, did you hear how happy she is?

Ashton Kutcher Finally Got Sick of Demi Moore’s Sh-t, Filed for Divorce

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From People:

Ashton Kutcher has filed for divorce from Demi Moore.

The papers were filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court. Kutcher, 34, citing irreconcilable differences, isn’t seeking any spousal support nor is he asking the court to deny Moore any. The documents also show that because the couple had no children together, child support and visitation are not an issue.

So it’s about one of three things, by my best guess. One, Ashton wants to up and marry his long-time love, Mila Kunis, and he can’t very well do that while he’s still married to Demi Moore; two, Ashton’s sick of being tied to a trainwreck, no matter how far removed; or three, he’s just one of those procrastinating type of people, and if that’s the case, that shit really gets on my nerves.

Oh, wait, right. No, the fact that he cheated on Demi to begin with, abused her trust and feelings, and then rebounded with chicks mere weeks after being kicked out of his house. No, you’re totally right—that’s the kind of shit that really gets on my nerves.

Demi might be an unstable dumbass, but Ashton Kutcher is the devil, guys. And a stupid devil, at that.

Demi Moore Was Dumped for Dry-Humping Lenny Kravitz the Other Night

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From the NY Post:

Page Six can reveal Vito, 26, broke things off with Demi, 50, after she arrived in Miami last week to party with the stars at the busy art fair.

One source told us, “Vito has worked very hard to be taken seriously in the art business, and doesn’t want to be seen as somebody who dates celebrities. He hated having photographers follow him around after word got out about him and Demi.”

The source continued, “And Vito wasn’t too happy that Demi flew down to party at Art Basel while he was working to build his business. It was a distraction he didn’t need while all the big collectors were in town.”

We exclusively revealed Moore and Schnabel, the dapper son of acclaimed artist Julian Schnabel, hit it off at Naomi Campbell’s lavish birthday bash for her lover Vladimir Doronin in Jodhpur, India in early November.

But things cooled off dramatically in Miami, with the pair staying apart and exchanging glances at a bash for art collectors’ Web site at Soho Beach house on Wednesday.

The breakup didn’t appear to faze Moore, who hung out with Lenny Kravitz and later headed out for a girls night at Le Baron at Jelsomino with pals including Stacy Kiebler until 3:30 a.m.

No, no, no. I’m sorry, but this young dude broke up with Demi Moore because of the partying with Lenny Kravitz and company, because I can’t, for the life of me, bring myself to think that this is how Demi Moore unwinds and releases to lament the loss of a fleeing relationship that was doomed from the start anyway. Because if it is, then Demi Moore is no different than every other dumped nineteen-year-old girl who gets all sloppy drunk and heads out to some bar to get even sloppier drunk so she can sing “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” three or four or twelve times during a karaoke sesh because the karaoke people pity her and are actually kind of afraid to encourage her to actually sing anything else because God knows what’s going to happen next.

No, I choose to believe that Demi is just fun and cool and not-at-all out of control, and when the young man she was dating realized just how cool and amazing she is, he decided that he just couldn’t hack it and live up to the likes of what was going through Lenny Kravitz’s mind when he was being dry-humped by Demi Moore. … Because Demi Moore’s just way too classy for any other options to be real, right?