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This Blind Item About A Shrinking Actress Should Be Easy

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I can’t decide if I love it or hate it when blind items are super easy to guess. Like, hm, which celebrity couple could this be about? Gosh, I wonder! Blind Gossip gives us this item via Downfront 2:

This Oscar Winner may be losing her man because he is not happy with her weight loss.

Now at first this sounds like it could be about pretty much any Oscar winning actress, since it’s so vague and actresses are known to lose weight. Buuut I think it’s most likely about Jennifer Hudson, considering her Weight Watchers deal.

And there’s also this from Showbizspy:

JENNIFER Hudson‘s fiance isn’t happy about her weight loss.

David Otunga misses the curva­ceous beauty he fell for when they met five years ago — and he wants her back!

“Jennifer’s weight has been an issue between them ever since she lost her first big chunk of weight in 2010,” a source said.

“When they met, she was a happy, proud, healthy woman who loved food and embraced every aspect of life with so much enthusiasm.

“Now she takes up to four hours to get ready when they go out, and she gets stressed out every time she puts a morsel of food in her mouth.

“David tells her he thinks she’s beautiful no matter what size she is, but he misses the down-to-earth ‘I don’t care’ Jen.

“Every meal is a pain in the butt, and he’s starting to feel totally sidelined by her obses­sion with her weight.”

Ms. Hudson is also allegedly working on another deal — as a judge on American Idol.

Who’s your guess for this item?

Still in Love!

Jennifer Hudson and Fiance David Otunga at the Grammy Awards Pictures Photos

I have talked a lot of shit about Jennifer Hudson’s fiance, I Love New York contestant David Otunga, in the past, but I take it all back. Apparently he has stuck next to Jennifer’s side throughout all she’s been through recently — and he walked the red carpet with her at the Grammys, where she took home the award for Best R&B album.

It takes one hell of a man to support someone through that kind of emotional crisis — to not panic and run — so I give mad props to David, and I’m so grateful that Jennifer has had him throughout all this.


“He’s really loving being Mr. Jennifer Hudson. I think he’s loving the lavish things she brings to his life, he’s seeing the world due to Jennifer’s success. [But] can you love this person if they lose all of this tomorrow? She needs to find out. I just hope people are marrying each other for the right reasons … It’s a mixed match, it won’t work. He’ll be in her shadow like Al Reynolds was to Star Jones, like Stedman Graham is to Oprah … When we were in Miami together, he didn’t even try anything [on me]! Maybe I wasn’t his type, maybe I wasn’t big enough for him.”

Esteemed romance expert and all-around well-adjusted human being Tiffany “New York” Pollard, to InTouch magazine, regarding Jennifer Hudson’s engagement to David Otunga, a man she spurned on her reality dating show.

Jennifer Hudson’s Marrying This?

Meet David Otunga, who successfully proposed to Jennifer Hudson on Friday night, her rep confirmed. They’ve been dating for less than a year.

Now, he’s not terrible looking — a little bit of a creep factor, but it could just be a bad picture — and he graduated from Harvard Law, so he’s not a dummy and he certainly has earning potential, but he’s also the same guy who was known as Punk on I Love New York 2.

I don’t have a whole lot of deal-breakers in my dating rulebook, but I’d be pretty wary of going out with a guy who appeared on any ultra-trashy reality dating show. I would be doubly wary of anyone who appeared on that show’s follow-up season.

It’s funny, because if I just heard Jennifer was marrying this buff dude with a Harvard Law degree, I’d be like, “Score, Jen! Totes jealous!” But add in that he appeared on I Love New York 2?

It’s like if someone said, “Listen, Beet. I have the perfect guy for you. He’s tall, he’s hot, he’s buff, he’s smart, he’s loaded, he’s funny, he’s sweet, he’s just amazing!”

I’d be like, “Woah, sounds great, when do I meet him?”

And then they were like, “Well, here’s the catch — and you just let me know if this is a deal-breaker, okay? — he died two months ago. But other than that? He’s ideal. What do you say?”

See, sometimes all it takes is one little piece of information to ruin an otherwise perfect guy.

Congrats, Jen, I guess.