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Dakota Fanning

Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week 9-23 To 9-29

courtney stodden blue pleather dress

Courtney Stodden is back from her Big Brother UK stint. Hooray! I know we’re all so happy!

We’re coming off of Emmy’s week, where celebs have already worn their best stuff and are now getting back to their regular celeb lives. Let’s take a look at the best, worst, and WTF of the week. Because sometimes you just want to look at photos of celebs and admire what they’re wearing or say shit about them.

This time I’m asking YOU: which look do you think is the best, worst, and most WTF?

courtney stodden los angeles

Just had to show you Courtney’s full look. You’re welcome. Did she get more surgery while she was there?

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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week — End of August

daniel radcliffe blue blazer

What a week it’s been. We came off of She Who Must Not Be Named and all other kinds of hot mess outfits at the VMAs and ended with Daniel Radcliffe doing this (above). A lot going on. Here are the best, worst, and WTF celebrity looks of the week — end of August.

Click to find out my best, worst, and WTF picks!

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Is It OK to Creep on Dakota Fanning Now?

A photo of Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning is 18, ok? She’s 18 years old. She’ll be 19 next month. She’s an adult. That means I can think she’s absolutely gorgeous, right?

It just feels weird to me because we’ve all seen this girl grow up, you know? Like, when I think of Dakota Fanning, I think of the little girl from I Am Sam. I think of little baby Dakota Fanning. But when I see this magazine cover, I think “gorgeous.” Is that ok? I feel like it’s kind of creepy.

But just look at this picture from the magazine shoot:

A photo of Dakota Fanning

That is a gorgeous young lady. Right?

If it makes it any better, I don’t think she’s hot. Kat Dennings is hot. Kat Dennings is scorching hot. Kat Dennings is … I can’t really talk about this anymore without getting uncomfortable, but I think you know what I mean. Dakota Fanning isn’t hot, not to me, anyway. Dakota Fanning just has lovely features that make me smile. And that’s not creepy. I don’t think so, anyway.

Ok, one more picture:

A photo of Dakota Fanning

See how nice this girl grew up?

Star Without Makeup: Dakota Fanning

photo of dakota fanning no makeup pictures photos age pic
Morning, guys! Do you see this picture? This positively fabulous photo? It’s – duh- Dakota Fanning, and she’s got no makeup on. You know, that’s pretty refreshing in itself. You wanna know what else is pretty good, too? That girlfriend hasn’t had any cosmetic procedures done, and she actually looks like an innocent young girl who’s all about acting for the art of it and not acting for the publicity and money. Isn’t that so awesome? I know that DF is only eighteen years old, and a lot of people might think it’d be preposterous for someone so young to go under the knife or needle anyway, but there are a lot more young people out there who have done this crap and you wouldn’t even think it.

Also, you know what I watched this past weekend that featured Dakota in it, but I didn’t even realize ’til just, like, a few minutes ago? Sweet Home Alabama. Yeah. I definitely forced my husband to watch it with me, too, and you know, he’s never even seen The Notebook. He boycotted it so many years because he said it seemed like the height of cheesieness, but folks, I’m telling you right now – this man will have watched The Notebook by the end of this year – and especially if I can keep his attention rapt with movies like Sweet Home Alabama (check) and Nights in Rodanthe (check). And today, in anticipation of that sacred event, I’m going to credit this success to Dakota Fanning – just because I’m feeling happy and euphoric and have picked up an even crazier Southern accent from being subjected to two-and-a-half-hours of watching Reese Witherspoon trying to fake her way through it.

This is big, guys. For everyone involved.

Love It or Leave It: Pink is Dakota Fanning’s New Obsession

photo of dakota fanning pink hair pictures photos
And here’s the post where I unceremoniously mock a child for doing child things. OK? I’m just forewarning you right now of what’s to come. Some of you hate this kind of shit, while others live for it, and right now I’m pandering to the latter group, if, indeed, there’s any “meanies” left here in the Evil Beet crowd. OK. Deep breath. Here goes:

Dakota Fanning? BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHH! What’s up with the hair, girlfriend? Pink streaks that match the pink rings around your eyes? That what’s going on here? And orange? Really? You didn’t think that that shade of orange skirt would clash with that shade of salmon that you’ve got in the lower half of your hair?

Oh, girl. I’ve so been there. I know.

A lot of you are probably thinking “Not nice, Sarah. For real.” But really, I’m not judging her too harshly here, because when I was in high school, I thought it’d be cool to put a few green streaks in my hair a la lemon-lime Kool-Aid. And I did it, and was so excited about it, and it looked really f-cking stupid. It looked like I put Sun-In on my hair and then jumped into a pool that had just been shocked with a mega-dose of chlorine. It was awful. Also, it took forever for the Kool-Aid to finally fade away. It was dumb, and now I look back on it and laugh and realize that green streaks in my hair just do me no justice. And now, for future reference, I know this helpful bit of information. Because really, can’t we all just laugh at ourselves once in awhile? And, you know, other people too? I think Jack Handey said it best:

“I hope that someday we will be able to put away our fears and prejudices and just be able to laugh at people.”

Because really. Life is funny, and I love Dakota Fanning. But that heinous pink has gotta go.

Dakota Fanning is Terry Richardson’s Latest Victim

photo of dakota fanning wearing terry richardson's glasses pics
Oh girl WHAT HAVE YOU DONE. Posing for Terry Richardson? What’s next, buying magic crystals off the street from some shady-looking dude your ex-lesbian lover used to frequent? Making racist comments in public? Showing your vagina? Donning a pink wig?

Last, has anyone ever told you about the uncanny resemblance between you and Eminem? ‘Cause it’s there, sweetie.

Why Yes, I Do Hate Dakota Fanning’s New Hair

photo of dakota fanning short hair pictures photos now is good pics

OK, I know it’s a little harsh to say such hateful things about a seventeen-year-old, but you know how it goes sometimes. Still, I guess I shouldn’t be such a bitch, considering she chopped it all off to play a chemo patient in her new movie, Now is Good. According to IMDB:

“A girl dying of leukemia compiles a list of things she’d like to do before passing away. Topping the list is her desire to lose her virginity.”

Hm. Interesting concept for a movie – it’s like The Bucket List, just for kids. And Dakota Fanning, I mean, she’s a great actress. Definitely someone to continue watching on the big screen, because she’s going to be an even bigger name in coming years, you mark my words. Still, though, and sick or not – I just can’t see Dakota Fanning trying to seduce anyone – especially while looking like Marshall Mathers.