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Cameron Diaz: ‘My vagina can be unwrapped like a gift’

body book

I mean, look – ladies should feel free to do whatever they want when it comes to pubic hair. The world is your oyster – pun… sorta intended, I suppose – and you certainly don’t have to wax everything off or get fancy shapes going or whatever. However, that’s a personal decision that should remain with you, your sexual partners and perhaps your friends if that’s something you deem suitable for conversation. It doesn’t belong in celebrity “health” book, but Cameron Diaz clearly didn’t get the memo.

From The Body Book (via The Mirror):

“I hear that there’s a big fad these days of young women undergoing laser hair removal on all of their lady bits,” Diaz writes.

“Personally, I think permanent laser hair removal sounds like a crazy idea. Forever? I know you may think you’ll be wearing the same style of shoes forever and the same style of jeans forever, but you won’t. The idea that vaginas are preferable in a hairless state is a pretty recent phenomenon, and all fads change, people.”

“Pubic hair also serves as a pretty draping that makes it a little mysterious to the one who might be courting your sexiness. Pubes keep the goods private, which can entice a lover to come and take a closer look at what you have to offer. Also, let’s be honest: just like every other part of your body, your labia major is not immune to gravity.”

“Do you really want a hairless vagina for the rest of your life? It’s a personal decision, but I’m just putting it out there: Consider leaving your vagina fully dressed, ladies. Twenty years from now, you will still want to be presenting it to someone special, and it would be nice to let him or her unwrap it like the gift that it is.”

There are so many things wrong with this, I can’t even get started. From the fact that this is in a book that’s been publicly released to the idea that CAMERON DIAZ thinks she knows what’s best for the female body to the awful analogy of “unwrapping” your vagina like a present, to the bullshit idea that “gravity” would make your vagina “less attractive” so your partner so you need to hide it with a patch of hair… girl, no. Add this misguided bullshit to the chapter about her acne and hoo boy, we’re in for it.

On the other hand, it’s hilarious that Cameron went on a rant about this in her “body book”. If this excerpt is anything to go by, I bet it’s hilarious.

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Cameron Diaz Gets Honest About Her Bad Skin


Cameron Diaz is currently ruining the remake of Annie but also found time to contribute to a book about health, called The Body Book. In it, she’s very honest about her struggles with her bad acne problem. Here’s what she says about it, plus the solution she found, via Radar:

I mean, I had terrible, terrible, skin. It was embarrassing, and I did everything I could think of to make it go away. I tried to cover it with makeup. I tried to get rid of it with medication: oral, topical, even the harshest prescriptions. Nothing helped for very long.

It was really challenging to cover them up for the cameras. It was awkward and embarrassing and frustrating, and I always felt really bad about myself.

I [used to] eat a cheeseburger with french fries every day. [But once I stopped] a funny thing happened … my skin began to clear up! My acne wasn’t totally gone, but it was significantly better.

Looking back, I realize that I hadn’t needed those prescription drugs, those vials of potions and creams. I hadn’t needed to be angry at my skin or feel bad about myself. I had just needed to LISTEN TO MY BODY. … acne was my body’s alarm system, it was mew ay of telling me [to stop eating fast food].

Okay, see, I always thought that greasy fast food causing acne was a rumor. You know, Gwyneth talk. But hey, if she says this works, then good for her!

Anyone here suffer from acne? What do you do to treat it?


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WTF Is This? Cameron Diaz as Miss Hannigan in ‘Annie’ Remake

cameron diaz

I have never, ever been a fan of the idea of remaking the 1972 original Annie film. Why is it necessary? WHY? In particular, why do we need to bring it into “modern times” and turn it into absolute shit as it’s clear is what’s happening here? Cameron Diaz‘s casting as Miss Hannigan – played so brilliantly by Carol Burnett in the original – was the final straw for me, and now that the first pictures of her “in costume” for the role have emerged, I’ve proven my point… to myself.

That’s right, that photo above isn’t some random selfie Cameron took during her Rihanna phase or whatever -that’s actually her as Miss Hannigan, which leads me to ask the question… What the everloving fuck? She posted the picture on her shiny new Twitter account with the following caption:

“I want you to meet someone. Her name is Ms.Hannigan. She ain’t nice and she ain’t pretty.”

Well, that’s the truth. Also, now she’s a Ms.? WHAT? This movie is so wrong in every single way. The only thing remotely good about it is Quvenzhané Wallis in the lead role, and I have the feeling that Will Smith will find a way to ruin even that. This looks like a DISASTER.

cameron diaz miss hannigan

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LOL of the Day: Cameron Diaz Had to Drop Her “Rihanna Accent” From ‘The Counselor’

cameron diaz the counselor

So apparently in The Counselor – that Ridley Scott-directed drama that’s literally only made $15 million since hitting US theatres – Cameron Diaz plays a character called Malikina, the girlfriend of a gangster (played by Javier Bardem). She apparently had a strong ass Bajan accent that producers decided was far too strong once the film hit post-production, so she had to re-record everything.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Diaz, whose character has a relatively subtle Barbados lilt in the film, originally voiced it with a full-on Rihanna-style accent — but Fox execs blanched, forcing her to dub her work later, much to her chagrin. Not that it helped the film’s prospects.

LOL, this movie seems so weird – this is the same one in which she apparently has a scene where she has sex with a Ferrari. I dunno, go figure. I’m not sure what’s worse: this movie or the upcoming remake of Annie in which she’s playing Miss Hannigan.

That being said, I don’t mind Cameron Diaz (and she’s now on Twitter!) and I suppose this could be worse. Here’s the trailer – what do you think? I sure wish Cormac McCarthy would stick to writing books.

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Oh, God: Cameron Diaz Is Playing Miss Hannigan in the ‘Annie’ Remake

cameron diaz

I believe I’ve made my opinion clear on this whole Annie remake: UGH, NO. Annie is an iconic film that never, ever needs to be remade, no matter how old it is. I’m stoked for little Quvenzhané Wallis, who’ll be taking on the titular role, but Jamie Foxx needs to GTFO and the fact that now Cameron Diaz has signed on for Miss Hannigan makes me kind of want to jump off the nearest bridge.

From Deadline:

I’ve learned that Sony’s Columbia Pictures just concluded the negotiations with Cameron Diaz today for the updated moppet movie musical starting production in the fall for a Christmas 2014 release. Sandra Bullock had been in talks for the role in Annie but pulled out recently. Beasts Of The Southern Wild‘s Quvenzhane Wallis, who became the youngest actress ever to receive a Best Actress Oscar nomination, is on board to play the iconic orphan, and Best Actor Oscar winner for Ray, Jamie Foxx, as Daddy Warbucks in the classic comic strip-turned-musical being produced by Will Smith and Jay-Z and directed by Will Gluck. I think Diaz is an inspired choice to play the mean lady who runs the orphanage after the actress strutted her nasty in Sony’s Bad Teacher and a few other choice roles.

Thank God Sandy Bullock had the common sense to realise that this project is in bad taste and will probably be a disaster. On the other hand, roles for ladies over 40 aren’t as plentiful as they should be, so Cameron’s following the “get in where you fit in” line of thought and I can’t exactly hate. I’ll just be sure to steer  far, far clear of this.

Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz Are Like Sisters

cameron diaz drew barrymore

Drew Barrymore is every hippy flower child you hoped you’d never have to meet in real life, so I sorta expect her to have lots of friends and be super into rainbows and shit (I don’t know, just go with it). Indeed, the friendship part seems to be true, as she recently described fellow actress Cameron Diaz as one of her closest friends, So close, in fact, they’re like sisters.

From Life & Style:

I’m BFF-status with Cameron Diaz because…
She’s my sister, but we bro out and have crazy adventures. Most people don’t know this, but she’s very edgy.

LOL, okay. First of all, I can’t see either of these two “bro-ing out”. I don’t even get what that means. Are they pumping iron together? That’s what I visualise when I hear that expression. Also, Cameron Diaz is edgy? Uh, in what universe? I can’t.

On another note, I’m fascinated by celebrity friendships. Like, how are Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift besties? Actually, I guess that one makes sense. Chris Brown and Justin Bieber? Eh, assholes flock together… I dunno, I can’t think of any weird ones, now. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

Stars Go Punk At The Met Gala: See The Best And Worst

anne hathaway met gala punk

Anne Hathaway actually blew me away with her punk transformation for the Costume Institute Gala for the “PUNK: Chaos to Couture” exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum (or Met Gala for short). Doesn’t she look great as a blonde? Every year celebs dress to the hilt for the event for whatever the theme is. This year, it’s punk. So keep that in mind when looking at these photos — these looks are supposed to be crazy and over the top.

BEST: Anne Hathaway, January Jones, Sienna Miller

WORST: Almost everyone else, but especially Kerry Washington, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kim Kardashian and honestly there were so many more I couldn’t even deal with.

PLEASANTLY SURPRISED BY: Miley Cyrus and Anne Hathaway

Check it out!

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