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Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz will vomit just thinking about having sex with Drew Barrymore

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So… apparently there were rumours going around that Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore had hooked up. They’re longtime friends (and Charlie’s Angels co-stars) who are more like sisters than anything else, so that asinine bit of gossip doesn’t really make Cameron happy. In fact, she feels physically ill just thinking about it – despite the fact that clearly this rumour isn’t very widespread as I have never heard so much as a whisper about it (and yes, I am the epicentre of all things gossip, apparently).

From Harper’s Bazaar:

“Literally, I said, ‘That makes me want to vomit in my mouth.’ That’s like saying I am having sex with my sister. Are you crazy? I wouldn’t even ménage with her!”

Uh, what? Ménage with her? Is that like… shorthand for having a threesome? Why does Cameron Diaz speak like a 14-year-old Valley Girl?

Anyhow, we know this isn’t a homophobic thing – Cameron thinks we’re all carpet munchers on the sly, anyway, so I think it’s just that Drew is her friend and she’s never looked at her that way. Still, bizarre rumour. Have any of you heard this before?

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Yep, Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden are definitely doing it

cameron diaz benji madden

Not much to see here, guys, just Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden being a totally sort of adorable couple while walking around the West Village in New York City this week. I’m into it – they actually look like they suit each other, right?!

Apparently an onlooker said they very much “looked like a happy new couple”. Well, I should hope so! I’m rooting for these two (in the way that you root for things you don’t really pay any attention to but still think are great).

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Is Cameron Diaz dating Benji Madden?

benji madden cameron diaz

It’s a miracle that anyone even wants to date Cameron Diaz at this point. She’s gorgeous, sure, and has a great sense of humour… but she also doesn’t wear deodorant, touts her hairy vagina as a present to be opened by whatever lucky gentleman gets down her pants, and believes we’re all going to get cheated on one way or another, so… there’s a lot going on there.

However, there’s truly someone out there for everyone, I believe, and apparently Benji Madden believes he’s strong enough to be Cameron’s man, as they’re said to be dating.

From People:

The actress, 41, has been spotted spending quality time (and gym time!) with Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden, 35, multiple times over the last month.

“They’ve spent a lot of time at Cameron’s house,” says one source. “Cameron seems very happy with Benji. He is the nicest guy and treats her like a lady.”

The duo worked out together at a Los Angeles Equinox on Friday after hitting the same book launch the night before.

“They seemed very friendly,” adds another source of the gym outing. “And they looked like they were trying to avoid [being seen outside], but Cameron was super friendly with other people [at the gym]. She even taught a girl how to use one of the arm weight machines.”

Well, there’s always a chance they could actually just be friends, right? That’s still a thing? If they are dating, they actually look kinda good together!

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