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Bad Girls Club Recap: Holy Reunion Episode (Part 1)!

This week is the first of a two part reunion episode hosted by the one, the only, Perez Hilton!  He refers to the girls as “eight of the craziest bitches I have ever seen!”  And from what we have seen this season, he is totally right.  Amber starts the reunion with some big news: She’s preggers!  And she proudly lifts up her dress to show us her 18-week plump belly.  The four ‘survivors’ of the show, Kendra, Amber, Annie, and Lexie, start off by reviewing their road trip at the end of the season.  They totally DITCHED Annie on this trip and you can tell by the tears in her eyes that she is still pretty upset about it.  One thing that stuck out to me is that Lexie doesn’t act like a total moron.  Is it possible she was fake the whole season?  She had me fooled!

Next we welcome Kate whose hair was looking faker than ever!  Oh god, I forgot how much I dislike this girl.  However, this reunion episode gave her a chance to explain her mental and emotional exhaustion in the house which caused her to be so cruel.  I call FAKE, Kate.

Next we get the ‘self-proclaimed baddest bitch of them all,’ Natalie.  Ohhhhhhh Natalie . . .  This is when Perez whips out his water gun and explains that if anyone misbehaves he will not hesitate to use it.  My favorite part?  He tells Natalie that she most CERTAINLY does NOT run L.A., that no one knows her last name, and that he runs L.A.  Natalie then reveals that there is a secret she and Kendra never revealed . . . Kendra had sex with Marcus.  I’m a little confused, didn’t we already assume that?
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Bad Girls Club Recap: Amber Alert

Okay . . . . so to review, Kendra is just as responsible for the fight as Natalie, however, the girls ditched Natalie in Santa Barbara two weeks ago. All the girls, particularly Annie, seem quite happy with the prospect that Natalie will not be returning. The girls happily pack all of Natalie’s things (one of her purses looks like MC Hammer pants reborn. Gross) and rejoice in her absence! Kate seems a little worried because for the past few weeks she has been on team Natalie, and now she is aware that all of the girls left in the house dispise her. In a video confession, Kate actually begs for Natlie to come back . . . . what in the world is going on? Kate is totally fake and, to say it bluntly, a bitch. Kate actually goes up to Annie’s crush and tells him Annie is crazy and that she (Kate) is a ‘good girl’. I can’t believe how awful and FAKE Kate is . . . She actually calls Annie fat. Not cool on two parts: Annie is not crazy and certainly not fat. Get some more extensions, Kate.

Next, the girls go paintballing. AWESOME! Annie, Amber and Lexie vs. Kate and Kendra. Who do you think won? You’re right . . . the team with more people!

Later, Kendra invites L.P. over for a late night rendezvous . . . . Ooh la la! BUT it reaches 1 a.m. and he still hasn’t arrived! Kendra isn’t my fave, but this is B.S. Annie says it perfectly: “I think a man should go out of his way to make her feel special, and I don’t think L.P. is doing that to Kendra.” Right on, Annie! Again, not only is Annie a good friend a person, but she is totally REAL and respectful :) But . . . regardless of his , Kendra still bones him . . . Although I don’t really agree with this, Kendra is lookin’ for some (physical) love and is being real about it. She’s not making the relationship with L.P. out to be something it isn’t.

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Bad Girls Club Recap: Santa Barbaric

The episode opens in reverse: The girls return from their Santa Barbara trip and call attention to their plethora of bruises…we the viewers are lost. What caused these bruises? Where is everyone? Who am I? Before we can answer…it starts back at the beginning. Thanks Oxygen for going all Tarantino on us.

Flo’s gone and Kate returns from the hospital, apparently de-swined. They rip Flo’s picture off the wall and rejoice by throwing it in the pool, as Amber says “to metaphorically drown her”…I think she was trying to make a clever allusion to her and Flo’s epic pool fight…I think.

Natalie wants to have fun with her little “monster” and takes Kendra to get a new weave…a $500 weave. When Natalie plays with her toys, I guess she goes big or goes home. Wait. This doll paid for it herself. Best toy EVER! Kendra claims she’s fully aware of Natalie’s presumed intentions and “won’t be played!” Yet, she does absolutely nothing about it.

With new hair in TOE…hahaha, Natalie and Kendra invite some new man-meat over to devour. But for once the girls’ conversations with the aforementioned man-meat is not gold-digging, or booty-gettin’, but almost more in the tone of yearning for a soul-mate. What an appropriate follow-up to Valentine’s day.

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The Bad Girls Get Badder

Wowza, I’m not even sure where to begin, because this episode was chocked full o’drama.  Kate’s “hot” (READ: pig-nosed) friend is still staying in the house, and my oh my has their “friendship” escalated.  Oh, and by escalated I mean they made out in da club, in da shower, in da pool, in da hot tub, in bed, and in da shower. Naked.  After drunk dialing her boyfriend at an hour when normal, non-stupid, non-slutty people have to go to work, Paul decides to call it quits with Kate.  Shocking, right?  I mean, it’s shocking that she was actually ever able to snag a man who could eloquently dictate why he was angry enough end a relationship before it caused him anymore harm.  Shocking.

I seriously can’t believe how fake Kate is.  I really miss the laid back, original Kate, not this sex-crazed brat that kisses Natalie’s ass.  Oh how quickly the alliances in the Bad Girls’ House can change  . . .

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This Just In: More Drama in The Bad Girls Mansion!

Kate’s boyfriend Paul comes to visit and Natalie puts the moves on right away! I’m not sure how I feel about this guy yet; he seems a little boring, or what I like to call an NONP (no opinion no personality).  Still, he makes Kate happy, and I think Kate was real this episode and is going to try and be more real as the season progresses.  She gets mad at Natalie because, as we all know, Natalie is a GIANT BEYOTCH, and Kate throws Natalie’s make-up out the window.  Natalie retaliates by talking shit about Kate to Paul and spitting in Kate’s face.  DISGUSTING.  Still, I’m not sure Natalie is being fake!  I think she just has a personality disorder.  Can we get this girl into some intensive individual therapy?  I think she’s is mentally ill but being as real as she can be given her mental illness.

Kendra was AMAZING this episode.   After getting ‘serviced’ by a rando man she meets in da club she says “If everybody had sex in this house, everybody would be friends.  Guaranteed.” And I think she is 100% right.  She was being totally real and brutally honest with the audience when talking about the sex she’s having and the sex the girls should be having.  These girls are all in heat and really need to get some, but instead they’re taking out their sexual frustrations on each other with drunken fights.

Hey Lexie, do people still say ‘totally buggin’ ?!?!  No, they do not.  This isn’t Clueless (RIP Brittany Murphy) and the ’90s are long gone.  I think she is trying, though.  We got a glimpse of the real Lexie when she’s chatting with Kate’s boyfriend, Paul, in the pool room.  This Lexie is sweet, down-to-earth, and wants to find someone that makes her happy.  Put some liquor in this girl and I think her insecurities take over.  She was acting totally fake at the club and in the limo.  She’s just trying to fit in with all the other bad bitches of the house but I don’t think she’s coming off how she means to.

As usual, Flo is aggressive and abrasive, but I still think she’s being real.  In her heart of hearts she has the best intentions for herself and the other girls.  While at the club, Kendra is pretty much dry-humping the air in a miniskirt and a thong, because, ya know, that’s how you get what you want in this town.  Flo tries to pull her aside to get her to stop, but Kendra is a lady on a mission to get some (more) ass.  Naturally, this gets blown way out of proportion and Flo and Kendra go at it in the limo.  There was no hitting, but Flo manages to break the limo’s interior lighting. When they get to the house it finally gets physical.  Kendra gives Flo a little slap in the face and Flo pushes her.  Flo ends the episode by saying “Ain’t none of these bitches on my good side” and frankly it’s a little scary!  My girl crush for Flo may be fading . . .

I think Annie is my girl now!  Annie is still very real and very, very sick of all the drama.  While these altercations are taking place at the mansion, Annie grabs a blanket and calls it a night on the pool furniture.  I like your style, Annie :)

Catch Bad Girls Club every week on Oxygen at 10/9 Central and make sure to get our thoughts on who is real and who is fake at after each episode!

Another Crazy Bitch Joins the Casa de Bad Girls [BGC Recap]

Ed: This is a part of our on-going recaps of the greatest show on television, Bad Girls Club. Saranden and Sierra are back again to fill you in on this week’s episode. You can catch them (and the cast members’ blogs) at the Bad Girls Club homepage.

The previous divides in the house have gotten more severe this week on Oxygen’s The Bad Girls Club.  To recap, “The Extras” consist of Amber, Kate, and Annie while “The Leads” are Flo, Natalie, and Kendra.  Well, at least everyone thinks Kendra is on one of the teams but I think she is just sick of the fighting.  I think Kendra is just trying to keep it real without getting too involved in any dispute and trying not to piss anyone off.  Hey, I’d be scared of Natalie if I lived in that house, too.  Still, if these are the two groups I want to be an Extra.  Does anyone else miss Portia? :(

Is anyone else sick of the conversations between Natalie and her “boyfriend?”  She always seems to be talking AT him not to or with him and I’m never really sure why she’s upset.  Actually, I’m pretty sure she’s not upset.  She’s so fake that I’m pretty sure her crying fits are also fake and just to get attention. I’m just sick of Natalie all together.  If she and her boyfriend end up breaking up and she gets her own dating show I will just die.  I would watch it every week, but I will hate myself a little (READ: A LOT) for it.

More importantly, WHY DOES NATALIE KEEP BRINGING THESE D LIST CELEBRITIES INTO THE HOUSE THEN ACT LIKE SHE’S HOT SHIT?  Does anyone know who Marcus Paulk or Gabe Pruitt are?  No.  Because Marcus hasn’t done anything worth mentioning since Moesha in THE MID-NINETIES and Mr. Pruitt isn’t actually playing basketball this year!  He did, however, get a DUI last year!  Go Team!

Since Portia had to leave the house last week for beating Natalie’s ass (god bless her!) a new girl was introduced to the house: Lexie.  WATCH OUT, KATE!  SHE’S BLOND!  One of the first sentences out of her mouth is “Girls just don’t like me!”   I can’t tell yet if she’s real or fake, good or bad, but I can guarantee we are going to get a wild time out of this girl!  OMG I REALLY HOPE SHE AND FLO HOOK UP! Considering Lexie got naked and went in the pool on her first night in the house I think all signs point to yes for a drunken lesbian hook-up.  Even though Flo has been a total bitch the past few episodes, she is still being real and I still have a girl crush on her ;)

Later the girls compete in the Screaming O contest at an adult toy convention and Natalie and Lexie win for best orgasm sounds!  Even though the orgasm sounds were faked, it comes from years and years of real experience!  I can’t even imagine the amount of orgasms those girls have faked over the years. Annie did a cute little cheer while all the other girls slutted it up.  Thanks, Annie, for being real for another episode :)

The sneak peaks for next week suggest some more cat fights and I can’t wait! The Bad Girls Club airs every Tuesday night at 10/9 central on Oxygen

Bad Girls Club Episode 3 Recap


[Ed: This recap is part of our on-going project with Oxygen and our beloved Bad Girls Club. You can always check out Saranden and Sierra’s episode recaps on the Oxygen website a day before they’ll show up here.]

This episode the girls have a house meeting and ultimately decide to let Natalie stay despite the fact that she hit Kendra IN THE FACE last week. Seriously. Natalie takes Kendra to dinner at Fogo de Chao to apologize and to build a relationship while the other ladies go to a club called Kress for bottles of booze and dancing. I think my favorite scenes are the ones showing the girls pulling themselves together the morning after a night of serious boozing. These girls are hardcore, yo!

The next day the ladies hit up a roof party at the Renaissance Suites, where we get to see Kendra and Marcus flirt it up some more, and the girls proceed to leave Flo stranded without a ride, which does not go over well. Flo is seriously mad this episode, but I hope we get our beloved maternal Bad Girl back by the next episode! By the end it is clear that the house is dividing in a big way. One clique is Annie, Kate, and Amber, while Flo, Kendra, and Natalie have formed a group of their own. But where will Portia fit in? No Bad Girl is an island, my friends.

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