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Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway was ‘fucked up’ by fame

anne hathaway elle

Sure, Anne Hathaway needs to take like, 500 seats, but it was only a matter of time before she started her “comeback” after giving us a break from her for a year or so. But look, this whole Hollywood thing is a two-way street. We may not be able to stand her, but Anne struggles with fame, too – so much so that it really “fucked [her] up” for a long time, apparently.

From Elle UK (via The Evening Standard):

“This fame thing? F*cked me up for a really long time. I didn’t know how to do it; I didn’t know how to engage with it; it stressed me out. And people would say, “You just have to be yourself,” and I was like, “But I don’t know who that is yet!””

“I’ve realised that don’t need validation from anybody. At all. I’m not sitting here now worrying, “What do you think of me?” With all due respect, you seem like a lovely lady, but I don’t need you, or anyone else, to like me. And that’s so liberating. It’s a big reveal, man.”

La-di-da! Isn’t it nice not to give a shit, Anne? Make them millions and screw the haters! Besides, you’re not the MOST annoying celebrity out there by a longshot. Do your thing. My only issue is that methinks she doth protest too much. All she talks about lately (or so it seems) is how she doesn’t care if people like her or not. If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t need to keep talking about how much you don’t care, because it sorta looks like you do.

In any case, how beautiful does she look in this shoot?

anne hathaway elle

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Kristen Stewart and Anne Hathaway become men for Jenny Lewis’ new music video

just one of the guys

You may know Jenny Lewis from her work with Rilo Kiley, or her solo albums. You may not know Jenny Lewis at all, too – that’s possible. But she’s ready to put out some new solo material and she called on some big names to help her promote her new single, ‘Just One of the Guys’. Enter Kristen Stewart and Anne Hathaway, who dressed up as dudes for the occasion. Enjoy!

Jenny Lewis’ new album, The Voyager, will be out later this month.

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Ugh, enough with Anne Hathaway already (again)

anne hathaway sign

Anne Hathaway went away for a long while because she knew we all can’t stand her and wanted to give us a break. Now she’s back, and while this was a chance for her to get back on good terms with the world and not be so annoying, she failed epically when she and husband Adam Shulman decided to take a page from Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield‘s book and punk the paparazzi with a charitable message.

Walking around New York this week, Anne and Adam held up cardboard signs with three websites listed to charities/causes they care about and wishing everyone a Happy 4th of July. They did at least give credit to Emma and Andrew, but the fact that she even decided to do this is just so… Anne. And so obnoxious. I appreciate getting the good message out, which is the only thing I give her vague credit about – there’s never a bad time to spread the word about causes you really care about. But it just seems so contrived and try-hard and… predictable. Copying off of something someone else did that we all found endearing so that she could try and be endearing as well is Anne Hathway’s M.O. and the reason she got such a bad rep in the first place.


Oh, and here’s how it’s ACTUALLY done:

emma stone andrew garfield

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