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Anne Hathaway “Unintentionally” Shaded The Kardashians

anne hathaway

I feel like when it comes to criticizing celebrities and celebrity culture in general, the Kardashians are pretty low hanging fruit at this point. Like, yes, they’re gluttons for attention. No, they wouldn’t know how to continue living if they didn’t have a camera shoved in their faces 24/7. Yes, they’re vain and narcissistic and a bit dim. And so what? You don’t have to like the Kardashians or relate to them — in fact, you can be pretty sick of hearing about them 24/7 (which, irony of all ironies, considering, I actually am). But to name them as all that’s wrong with the world just seems a bit… lazy at best, and dumb as shit at worst. The Kardashians are famous because WE made them famous. We continue to watch their 800 shows, follow their social media, buy the products they recommend. It’s kinda on us… which is something you would have thought Anne Hathaway (who one imagines considers herself to be intelligent and thoughtful) would have known. Apparently not.

Anne posted this photo to her Instagram page yesterday, though she deleted it soon after when everyone was like, “Uh, Anne, WTF?”

anne hathaway

I mean, I love Helena Bonham Carter’s weird ass so I’m all for encouraging people to be like her (or, you know, be themselves, even if that’s eccentric as hell), but like… in what universe does it make any sense to compare HBC to the Kardashians? Why do you need to compare any two women? It just seems a bit pointless and v. Mean Girls (which seems to be a pattern lately).

After deleting the photo above, she posted this one instead, with the caption, “It never occurred to me I was pitting anyone against each other. Not my style. Peace x” which… ya, OK. You’re either dumb as a bag of rocks or full of shit. Not sure which is worse.

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