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Anna Kendrick Very Subtly Shades Anne Hathaway On ‘Billy On The Street’

anna kendrick billy on the street

If you’ve never watched Billy On The Street on TruTV (or on the Internet, if you don’t have cable like me because I don’t own a TV and literally watch everything online), then you’re seriously missing out. Billy Eichner is hilarious and over-the-top (and therefore admittedly not everyone’s cup of tea) and one of his best segments is when celebrities come on to play random games with people on the streets of New York (or just with Billy himself).

Anna Kendrick stopped by on a recent episode to play a game about what Katy Perry‘s cat, Kitty Purry, thinks about on a daily basis. It’s random and weird and absolutely perfect, especially since Anna very subtly shades Anne Hathaway in it, proving even her fellow celebrities think she’s a bit obnoxious.

Lest we forget:

I’m sure Anna wasn’t actually being shady and didn’t mean any harm by it at all, because she doesn’t strike me as particularly bitchy, but it’s still hilarious.

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