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EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: Angelina Jolie as Maleficent

photo of angelina jolie maleficent pics
Yay! It’s the first photo of Angelina as the evil Maleficent! Could it be cooler? No. I don’t think it could.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Angelina talks about the role and claims that her kids love the horns (because really. Who wouldn’t?:

What’s next for you as an actor?
The next thing I’m doing is Maleficent for Disney. I start it in June, and it’s a really great script. I’m having a lot of fun. I’ve already got my horns fitted. My kids are very happy.

In this version, Sleeping Beauty is the nemesis instead of the good guy?
It’s not anti-princess, but it’s the first time they’re looking at this epic woman.

Is it sympathetic to her, or is she a straight-up villain?
It’s both. I hope in the end you see a woman who is capable of being many things, and just because she protects herself and is aggressive, it doesn’t mean she can’t have other [warmer] qualities. You have to figure out the puzzle of what she is.

So there are some redeeming qualities to Maleficent the witch?
It sounds really crazy to say that there will be something that’s good for young girls in this, because it sounds like you’re saying they should be a villain. [Maleficent] is actually a great person. But she’s not perfect. She’s far from perfect.

There’s a tradition of taking a classic character who is a villain and telling the story from his or her perspective. John Gardner did it with the 1971 novel Grendel, and more recently we got the witch’s story in Gregory Maguire’s Wicked, and the musical it inspired. We like it when the bad guy is deeper than we thought.

In general, it’s a very good message to say, “Let’s look at something from the other side.” But then also, what our challenge will be — and the script writer [The Lion King and Alice in Wonderland’s Linda Woolverton] has already cracked it — is not to simplify it, not to just reverse the story but tell a bigger story that doesn’t point the finger [at Princess Aurora] either. It doesn’t flip it.

Since it’s a Disney film, will this version of Maleficent be close to the one we know from their 1959 animated film?

We’re still figuring out the look. We’re experimenting with different things. But the horns are the horns — you can’t deny them. You have to have horns.

Personally, I don’t think there could have been a better casting in this case. Honestly, half of the population (namely those strange Team Jennifer Aniston folks) already thinks she’s a horned witch, her super-power being able to lure men away from “decent” women with their exposed zombie legs, but I think it was a good choice. There’s no doubt that Angelina’s a talented lady, and she sure physically fits the part, too.

What do you guys think of Angelina in the role of Maleficent?

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Is Angelina Jolie Directing The 50 Shades of Grey Movie?

A photo of Angelina Jolie

First of all, HAHAHAHAHA. But second of all, this is actually a real rumor that is really going around.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

A fun rumor went around Hollywood this past weekend: Angelina Jolie, people were saying, had been approached to direct the movie version of the steamy romance novel Fifty Shades of Grey.

THR checked out the chatter last weekend and sources said there may have been an informal conversation but that nothing was real, and reps for the actress-turned-filmmaker say there haven’t been any talks with studio Focus Features (Focus also denied the rumor). Still, bloggers are now starting to catch wind of the rumor and of course, in Hollywood, there’s always the possibility that Jolie will come aboard.

It would make some sense. Jolie, who made her directorial debut in 2011 with the well-reviewed war drama In the Land of Blood and Honey, and Focus is likely looking for a strong female voice to pair with the material. Regardless, Focus and sister company Universal Pictures are still trying to find the right filmmaker to pair with the racy, somewhat controversial book by EL James. Those efforts are ongoing.

Shades has become a publishing phenomenon, recently hitting10 million in sales. Universal and Focus paid $5 million for movie rights in a bidding war earlier this year.

At the same time, casting rumors have circulated online, with everyone from Amanda Seyfried to Kristen Stewart being floated as possible actresses to play Anastasia Steele, the young woman who becomes involved in an explicit relationship with billionaire businessman Christian Grey.

No, this doesn’t make any sense. Angelina Jolie‘s directing credits include A Place in Time, a documentary that, according to Wikipedia, “captures daily life in 27 locations around the world during a single week,” and In the Land of Blood and Honey, the drama set during the Bosnian War, a movie she also wrote. That’s it. In what world would she go from that to 50 Shades of Grey, a movie based on a poorly written Twilight fan fiction?

Sadly, this is one of those rumors that I’m going to go ahead and dismiss, but man, wouldn’t it be so great if it was true?


Can you even believe it? Before the news has really hit anywhere, we have the exclusive that Angelina Jolie is pregnant and currently expecting her … I don’t know, what is this, her ninth kid? Tenth? Whatever. The thing that matters is that there are hungry children in the world and gay couples who aren’t allowed to marry yet, but Brad and Angelina are adding to the world’s population and planning a sure-to-be-stellar wedding event that’s going to cost what it’d take to feed a medium-sized country for a year probably going to happen before that tiny belly pops.

Congrats, guys!

Quotables: Jennifer Aniston Totally Doesn’t Care That Brad Pitt’s Marrying That Woman

photo of brad angelina jen pictures photos
“She doesn’t care. She really doesn’t. She’s happy with Justin [Theroux]. She’ll probably marry him. She’s moved on. People don’t want to believe it, but she has.”

The wise, sage words above came directly from one of Jen’s “close friends” who leaked the unofficial statement that Jennifer probably paid him or her to make to the media. And while I’d like to think that Jennifer doesn’t care, as some of her friends say, she does care, and she probably cares a whole lot. Hollywood Life tells a different story—one where Jennifer Aniston actually does care, and wishes the newly-engaged couple well:

“Jennifer is happy for Brad and Angelina. She is so in love with Justin, that she is really grateful how things turned out. In a strange way if it weren’t for Angelina, Jennifer would not have connected with Justin in a romantic way. Jennifer is in a really wonderful place right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if she even went to their wedding.”

But wait … And if things go south for Jennifer and Justin, she’ll, what, blame Angelina for that, too? Because what if things don’t end well? What if she doesn’t end up marrying him? She allegedly credits Angelina for her today-happiness, but if that’s only fleeting, then what? Maybe “friends” should stop making silly statements that could come back and bite the people who are involved on the ass in the long run if things don’t operate as they “should.”

Here’s my point—new information says that the Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie announcement couldn’t have come at a worse time, as Jen and Justin are said to be taking a break, one that Justin himself initiated:

Jennifer Aniston’s boyfriend has reportedly suggested he needs “some space” amid claims their relationship is on the rocks.

Jennifer and Justin Theroux are said to be on a break as they have been bickering. The tensions allegedly came to a head over the Easter weekend with one report suggesting an argument between the pair reduced Jennifer to “floods of tears”. Now more speculation has surfaced, claiming Justin has asked for time apart.

“Justin suggested he needed some space, which escalated into an almighty row, and by the end of it he said he wanted a break and told Jen he had been looking into buying a place of his own in Los Angeles,” a friend told the UK edition of Grazia magazine.

So, which is it? Is she happy? Sad? Apathetic? Apathetic without the ‘a’? I don’t know anymore, guys. It’s Jennifer Aniston. She always keeps us on our toes.

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Who Wants to See A Close-Up of Angelina Jolie’s Ring?

A photo of Angelina Jolie

You guys! Remember what happened on Friday? We found out that Brad Pitt proposed to Angelina Jolie! Wasn’t that darling? I love a love story with all my heart, and this one definitely fit the bill. But let’s be real: it’s fun to look at super fancy engagement rings, right?

So here’s another shot of Angelina’s:

A photo of Angelina Jolie

What do you guys think? Because to be honest, I really, really don’t like it. Like, at all. To be fair though, I’m not really a diamond girl: my ring is a sapphire, and the only diamonds I own are a pair of earrings that my dad got for my mom when they got married. I know it’s not the most popular opinion, but I couldn’t imagine going for a diamond when there are so many gorgeous colors of gemstones to choose from! And also, I think the bigger the diamond is, the worse it looks. I’m not exactly sure how to say this, but it’s like the bigger and higher quality diamonds tend to look less like something pretty and sparkly and more like glass. Do you know what I mean?

Take Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring or Jessica Biel’s engagement ring, and then throw them in a river. No, I’m kidding, sell them and put your children through college. Just don’t wear them, because they look ridiculous. I like costume jewelry and everything, but I’m not going to wear it every day for the rest of my life, and I’m certainly not going to pay millions of dollars for it.

But then again, Brad collaborated with the jeweler for a whole year to craft the perfect ring for Angelina, so that’s very sweet.

What do you guys think? Do I just have a problem appreciating the beauty of diamonds? Do you love the ring? Can you even wait for the wedding? Let me know!


photo of angelina jolie and brad pitt pics
I don’t know why, but this information just fills me with inexplicable joy. JOY! I say. From USA Today:

“Yes, it’s confirmed,” Cynthia Pett-Dante, Pitt’s manager, told USA TODAY in a statement. “It is a promise for the future, and their kids are very happy. There’s no date set at this time.” And yes, she confirms that Pitt designed the ring.
Earlier, Beverly Hills jeweler Robert Procop confirmed to USA TODAY that he helped Pitt, 48, design a custom diamond engagement ring for Jolie, 36, with whom he has six children.

Hollywood’s platinum pair was spotted Wednesday night at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, where Jolie donned a massive diamond ring on her left ring finger.

“Brad had a specific vision for this ring, which he realized over a yearlong collaboration with Robert. He wanted every aspect of it to be perfect, so Robert was able to locate a diamond of the finest quality and cut it to an exact custom size and shape to suit Angelina’s hand,” Procop said in a statement. “Brad was always heavily involved, overseeing every aspect of the creative design evolution. The side diamonds are specially cut to encircle her finger. Each diamond is of the highest gem quality.”

… Wanna see the ring? OK!:

photo of angelina jolie engagement ring pics
Beautiful, right? I’m just completely tickled, guys. What a way to start the weekend, you know?

Quotables: Angelina Talks About That Whole Leg Thing

photo of angelina jolie and her leg pictures photos pics
“I honestly didn’t pay attention to it. You know what I mean? I don’t watch those TV shows and if I go online and see something about myself, I don’t click on it. And the people I surround myself with don’t really talk about that kind of stuff. I heard something, but I didn’t pay any attention. It’s as simple as a being a woman picking a dress you like and having a night, and not really thinking about anything else.”

Well it sure took her damn long enough to answer the question on everybody’s mind: what the f-ck was up with the leg, girlfriend?

Angelina finally got around to addressing those pesky leg questions, and we come away disappointed. At least I did. I was hoping it’d be something like, “Oh, I was making a statement about how ridiculously blown out of proportion things can get when you talk about any given celebrity,” or “Crazy how I’m the queen of the world and I can do anything – even stick my pasty, bony-assed leg out like I’m flagging a taxi down with it – and people are still going to make a big fuss over it because I’M ANGELINA JOLIE MOTHERF-CKER.” This answer almost makes Angelina look like she’s completely unaware of how her actions are going to be perceived by the public, and that kind of surprises me honestly. Girlfriend has always seemed pretty calculated in what she does and how she publicly appears, and to do something like this – something that, if another actress of lesser notoriety did it, would appear to be a bang-up ho-stunt – is really out of character. Or at least really out of the realm of what we think Angelina would do, anyway. But this is the chick who made out with her brother and who carried Billy Bob Thornton’s blood around in a vial around her neck, so we can’t forget that too quickly, folks.