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Oscars 2012: Angelina’s Leg

Photo: Oscars 2012: Angelina Jolie's leg

I don’t know whether you know this, but the Academy Awards were last night. A bunch of people won Oscar statuettes. Um. I’d sure love to tell you all about the ceremony, but I can’t right now. I’m too distracted.

I’m too distracted by Angelina Jolie‘s leg.

Somehow I missed Angelina on the pre-ceremony red carpet—I was watching a movie, OK?—but fortunately for me, Angie was sure to strike an identical pose just as soon as she arrived onstage to present awards for both “Best Original Screenplay” and “Best Adapted Screenplay.”

I am not even kidding. She strutted to the microphone, thrust that leg all the way out of the slit in her dress’s skirt, put her hand on her hip as if she were doing “I’m a little teapot” choreography, and she stared the audience down.

Photo: Angelina's leg presents the award for Best Screenplay

The audience burst into whoops and giggles. (Angelina also tee-heed, as if she were somehow fully aware of her semi-dislocated right leg.)

This display of leg immediately prompted Reuters’ very own Anthony De Rosa to tweet my favorite commentary of the night: “You take the wing, I’ll take the thigh.”

But that wasn’t all! As soon as The Descendants‘ Oscar-winning screenwriter Jim Rash (um, he also plays DEAN PELTON on COMMUNITY, you guys!) took to the stage to collect his trophy, he immediately struck the same pose:

Before ceremony’s end, I was already following Angelina Jolie’s Leg on Twitter. “Look at meeee!!” it tweeted. “Leg here!” it continued.

Hmm. I wonder what Angie’s leg will say once it gets a good night’s sleep. Seriously, lay off the sauce, leg.

(Image gallery via “The 10 Best Pictures of Angelina Jolie’s Right Leg” at Buzzfeed.)

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  • The first time I saw it I was reminded of that scene in Bridesmaids where Melissa McCarthy flings her leg up and says “feel the heat? That’s coming from my undercarriage”.
    It honestly looks like she’s trying to circulate the air under her skirt.

    Also Dean Pelton KILLED me. Well played, sir.

  • That was amazing (as was Dean Pelton’s copcycat pose). I do think that she meant it in a sort of humorous way, given the way she giggled about it. Plus, to quote one of the post-Oscar commentators on E, “She’s Angelina Jolie. She can do whatever she wants.”

  • Yeah, the reports that this was sexy, or that she has great legs are just too humorous. She’s skin-skinny. No shape. No sexy.

  • hmm has no one had the thought cross their mind that maybe she was doing all of the leg and the posing as a joke? mocking all the other actresses who do this for attention?

    seeing as how she never really goes out of her way to do things like this and how she kept doing it last night, i actually thought it was hilarious. not her being desperate or anything, but honestly just mocking the people that do it all the time. genius.

    • I know, I can’t help but think she turned to Brad at some point before the Awards and said “Dude, I’m going to stick my leg out all night for shits and giggles, and lets just see how everyone goes nuts.”

      …or she got a nasty ol yeast infection that needed airing.

    • Of course it has crossed our minds! Angelina Jolie is a real smart twerp from way back! Sure, she is mocking the artificiality of the whole thing; sure, she is an impish prankster; sure, she’s culturejamming.

      But whether you want to think she is willful in her ridiculousness or not, the fact is, it is ridiculous. But no problem there, right? I am covering the hell out of Angelina’s Ridiculous Leg because it was the most interesting thing at the Oscars all night long, even beating out Sacha Baron Cohen’s significantly more-staged red carpet stunt. When I post umpteen photos of Angelina’s Leg, I am tipping my hat to her.

  • I just can’t even believe that there is so much hype over her leg! BFD!! I’m sorry and I apologize but Brangaloonies are the weirdest people!!