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6Lindsay Basically Gets Paid for Dumb F-ckery Now

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From the NY Post:

Now we know why Lindsay Lohan broke her promise to stay in for a quiet New Year’s Eve and instead — with her mom in tow — went partying in London. Cold hard cash.

She collected at least $100,000 to celebrate with Brunei’s Haji Abdul Azim. Known worldwide as Prince Azim, he throws some of the wildest, most lavish bashes ever, topped off with gift bags stuffed with expensive party favors like iPads and jewelry dripping with diamonds.

Lohan, who claimed to be planning a dinner at home on Monday night, had the party on her schedule for a while, says an insider.

“Prince Azim not only flew her out; he put her up in a beautiful suite in the Dorchester for the weekend and following the party. Her mom, Dina, is also in London with her at the hotel and attended the party,” says the source.

Azim, son of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei, is third in line to throne of the small, Southeast Asian nation.

The insider tells us the 30-year-old, celebrity-obsessed prince also paid Lionel Ritchie a whopping $250,000 to come sing for him and Pamela Anderson, a favorite, to come show herself off for $75,000 at the crazy bash, which he holds annually in the 10,300-square-foot ballroom at the five-star Dorchester in Mayfair. Azim’s sister, the gorgeous Princess Fadzilah, also buddied up to Lohan at the party.

“He rents the ballroom and does this for his amusement,” says our source. “He rents the ballroom and pays stars to show up. Lindsay went because she’s that desperate for a paycheck.”

In June, Azim threw himself a massive 30th birthday bash at the Dorchester. That time, he flew in his celeb flavors of the month, including Mariah Carey, Chace Crawford, Raquel Welch, Marisa Tomei and Dionne Warwick, who performed a few songs. In 2009, the billionaire prince’s holiday gathering was proclaimed party of the year by the British press.

Lohan’s father, Michael, told Confidenti@l that he didn’t think his daughter’s appearance for money was a good idea: “Now she’s getting paid for dates?”

100k a pop to just show up at events and pretend like you’re still relevant? Gosh, sign me up.

Ha! And you thought your job was easy/awesome/ridiculous/dumb/depressing.

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18LeAnn Rimes in a Bikini, Because Why Not?

[images removed on request]
Dum de dum, LeAnn Rimes getting back to her roots of frolicking on the beach sans most of her clothes. Isn’t life grand, guys?

Also, here’s LeAnn and the ever-present (and more noticeable than ever) Lizzy:

[images removed on request]
And then again, from the side:

[images removed on request]
Lizzy and LeAnn. LeAnn and Lizzy. I guess they’re quite the package after all, huh?

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3Jessica Chastain Won’t Date Actors, OK? She Won’t Do It.

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Hey, look! This is the third time in life that we’ve ever talked about Jessica Chastain—isn’t that great? Before you know it, we’ll have upskirts and boobslips galore, and aren’t you lucky that you got your stuff here first before all of the f-ckery hit the fan*?

In a recent interview with InStyle UK, Jessica talks about dating—and who she won’t date.

Here’s girlfriend on what it’s like to date in Hollywood:

“I have a rule. No actors. I realized I wanted just to be able to hang out with someone… And I didn’t want to talk about the business, first of all. I love movies. But I love talking about them like when I was 15 years old. I’m a film fan, but I don’t want to talk about auditions or what movie I’m gonna do. I find that so boring.”

On her trademark ginger hair:

“There were a couple of times when I thought, ‘Maybe I should dye my hair blonde?’ Being a redhead and not having very conventionally modern looks, it was confusing for people and they didn’t know exactly where to put me.”

And finally, Jessica Chastain on how she ended up famous, crazily enough:

“Fame and money have not been my goals. This all happened from independent films. Not big pay cheques.”

*I highly doubt that the f-ckery is going to hit the fan with this one, guys. Jess C seems far too classy to be showing us her ladybits in public, you know?

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9Miley’s Got Another New Small Dog!

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From Twitter:

Bean is a little girl. She is a chihuahua mix of some type :) she brought so much sunshine!!! I love my little bean so much.

So, OK. Miley‘s got a new pet, which is unsurprising, because Miley loves her pets and maybe—maybe—tries to keep a quota on how many she has at a given time. Needless to say, she’s recently had an unfortunate opening occur in her canine family, so she’s got Bean, now, and gosh, isn’t that little doggie cute? Maybe, you know, the cutest little doggie ever?

Congrats to the newly-expanded family!

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8Naomi Campbell Got Her Ass Kicked, is in a Wheelchair

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From TMZ:

Naomi Campbell reportedly suffered a torn ligament in her leg when she was mugged on a street in Paris.

The supermodel was hailing a cab when she was attacked and robbed by multiple assailants reports the NY Post. The attack — which occurred more than a month ago — left Campbell in a wheelchair and crutches.

The Post says Campbell’s boyfriend, Vladimir Doronin, has upped her security since the incident.

When called for comment about the incident, Campbell told the paper, “I am sorry, I do not talk to press, but I am fine.”

So I’m not going to make any crass comments about karma and phone-throwing and staff-abusing, because it’s never cool when anyone hurts or maims anyone for any reason, but wow. Naomi Campbell, “brutally mugged”? Yikes. Is no one safe these days?

But hey— here’s a note of interest: when French police were asked about the incident, they claimed that they had no knowledge whatsoever about an attack on Naomi Campbell or any other non-French traveler in recent weeks. A law enforcement source said, “A high profile celebrity being attacked in Paris would be something everybody remembers. If such a serious crime had taken place then a criminal enquiry would have started by now – especially if the victim ended up in a wheelchair.” Naomi, as you can see in the photo above, is indeed in a wheelchair (and not just a wheelchair—a Jazzy).

Naomi, however, was brief in her description of the attack, as noted by TMZ. Despite her brevity, a “friend” tells the New York Post that there was way more to it than just being knocked down and ending up OK—the source said, “It was terrifying [for her]. Naomi believes the assailant had been watching her, casing her out, and waited for a moment to strike when she was alone. She was attacked in the street as she hailed a cab, and robbed. Her leg was injured as she was violently pushed to the ground. She was understandably very upset and shaken up.”

Even further bizarre is the fact that other sources are also saying that it would be completely out of character for Naomi to hail a cab—alone—when she’s more of a higher-maintenance traveler than that. An employee at a limousine service that Naomi utilized in the past had this to say about his former client’s taxi-shunning ways:

“The thought of Naomi Campbell hailing a taxi in the street is laughable, let alone the idea that a gang would attack her. It all sounds absolutely bizarre. Naomi is quite a demanding lady, and always has lots of assistants around her too. She’s seldom alone!”

What a weird thing, huh? Get well soon, Naomi!

January 4, 2013 at 9:30 am by Sarah
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