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Night and Day

Ashlee and Jessica Simpson Grab a Bite

The Simpson sisters grabbed a bite at Katsuya on Saturday night with their mutual hairstylist Ken Paves. You don’t see the two of them together too often, but when you do, the differences in their personalities are really striking. Jessica looks like her usual sunny, happy,  self, but is in danger of having a serious wardrobe malfunction while Ashlee looks…. depressed. Just like she does in almost every picture I’ve seen of her for the past year.

Jessica is the one who has been divorced and just got dumped. So why is happily married mom Ashlee the one who always looks like someone just pissed in her emo eyeliner?

Tara Reid Must Have a Job Building Concert Stages

Forget skydiving and promiscuous sex, concert-going has recently emerged as the most dangerous pastime.

1 person died and as many as 40 others were injured when a stage collapsed while country music singer Billy Currington was performing at the Big Valley Jamboree, one of Canada’s biggest country music festivals. Currington himself received several lacerations on his face, and one of his band members was taken to the hospital after being pulled from the wreckage with a serious arm injury.

Witnesses said that the power went out and the stage just sort of “crumbled.” A strong thunderstorm that produced “hurricane level” winds and marble-sized hail is thought to have contributed to the stage’s collapse.

With the collapse of a stage in Marseille, France that was being constructed for a Madonna concert, that makes two people that have been killed in the last month by concert stages.

Perhaps the only good thing to come out of this is that the performances for the rest of the evening were cancelled after the stage collapsed. How is that a good thing you ask? Kevin Costner and his band Modern West were scheduled to perform next.

Katy Perry Bikini Pics

Katy Perry Adjusts Her Straps

You know what? Underneath all the peacocks and pizza and dice, Katy Perry has an amazing body.

Here, Katy hangs around backstage in an ill-fitting frilly pink bikini after a beach concert in Miami.

A word of advice though: if your band is riding up like that in the back, it’s a sure sign it’s too big. Get a smaller band size (one that sits level from front to back). Your knockers can thank me later.

Your Daily Lohan (is Blonde)

Blonde Lohan

In case you missed it, La Lohan is blonde. And has been for a few days. Lindsay was spotted leaving Sam’s house yesterday afternoon with her newly deep fried locks cracklin’ in the wind like the hayfields of the Oaklahoma dust bowl. A few moments later, Samro exited carrying an empty pizza box and trying to avoid the paps.

The question I have for you is this: Do you care?

Seth Rogen on Getting Snubbed by Megan Fox

Rogen was on Jimmy Kimmel last night to promote his new movie, Funny People. Amongst other things, he talked about how the first time he was on the show, Megan Fox gave him the cold shoulder. (Skip ahead to 2:20 for the condensed version. )

I’m going to add “horrible taste in men” right next to “horrible taste in tattoos” on the Megan Fox shit list.

Bryce Dallas Howard Looks the Part

Howard Gets a New Haircut and a Deeper Dye

Here’s someone whose IMDB popularity ranking went up 1,045% last week: Bryce Dallas Howard. Summit entertainment announced that Howard would be replacing Rachelle LeFevre in the role of Victoria in the Twilight movies, starting with Eclipse.

I really liked her in The Village, but this new hairdo engenders an unreasonable amount of hatred in me. Don’t get me wrong– the deeper color and fierce bangs look great on her.  I suppose that’s good for her new part (hairdo pun intended),  it’s just that she now looks waaaay too much like a woman I know who has never been anything but sneaky, manipulative girl trouble. In short, she looks like a total bitch.

My emotional baggage could be coloring (hairdo pun intended) my judgment, but what do you think?

Caption This

Tome Felton in Tokyo

Actor Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) promotes Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince at Marunouchi Picadilly, a movie theater in Tokyo, Japan.

This press conference combines two of my favorite things: Harry Potter and Japan. It should be full of so much awesome that my head explodes .

Instead, it is  incredibly awkward and weird.