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Teresa Giudice is getting buff in prison

teresa giudice

Last year, Teresa Giudice was sentenced to 15 months behind bars for tax fraud and whatever other bullshit she was up to with her husband, but the judge allowed her to spend the holidays at home with her family and head to prison in the new year. Now that she’s there, she’s making the most of her time and getting buff in the prison gym, apparently.

“She’s getting in the best shape of her life,” an insider tells Us of the Bravo-lebrity, 42, currently serving a 15-month sentence for fraud. “Every night she hits the gym and has been asking friends to send her workout videos.”

If only they could send her a personal porta-potty, too. “Teresa says the bathrooms are the hardest part of jail because they’re filthy and have no privacy,” a second source tells Us.

Apparently Teresa is working as a laundry maid while there and she hopes when she gets out that she’ll be able to get her own cooking show and land the cover of a magazine. She writes down her goals on a daily basis to keep her focused, which… I mean, hey, she’s in jail. Can’t knock whatever people have to do to get through shit.

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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week!

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard doing some John and Yoko bullshit.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard doing some John and Yoko bullshit.

MAN, this is a slow-ass week for celebrity fashion. After the SAG Awards (and you can check out the SAG awards fashion post here), it seems like everybody tucked themselves indoors for the winter, because there’s hardly outfits for you this week. But anyway, it’s time again for Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week!

Though we don’t have many looks for you this week, still do your best to try to pick out who has the BEST, WORST, and most WTF look of the week!



Cate Blanchett. I’m not so into dresses that look like nightgowns. Just doesn’t do it for me. What do you guys think of this look?

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Florence Henderson is 80 and sleeping with a chiropractor from Florida

florence henderson

How awesome is Florence Henderson? She looks absolutely incredible for any age, let alone 80, and she’s living it up with her “friend with benefits”, a chiropractor from Florida who she knocks boots with whenever the feeling’s right. He’s not her only lover, of course, and she’s keeping it moving and feeling great. LOVE IT!

From Closer Weekly:

“I still feel like I’m 28,” the star, who will celebrate her 81st birthday on Valentine’s Day, tells ‘Closer’ in an exclusive interview and photo shoot in Marina del Rey, Calif. “I do anything and everything to stay active because, let’s face it, I am not slowing down anytime soon!”

And that includes her sex life! “It’s foolish to think that older people don’t enjoy sex. It’s a big myth,” she confides to ‘Closer.’ “There is no age limit on the enjoyment of sex. It keeps getting better,” Florence says, adding, “You learn to do things with more experience, intelligence and the ability to choose more wisely.”

Though Florence — who is a spokeswoman for ‘City of Hope’ cancer research center — admits she’s not looking to marry, she does enjoy putting herself out there. “I like to date, but not every date needs to lead to marriage. I actually have a friend with benefits,” she confesses to ‘Closer.’ “He lives in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and is a chiropractor. I really enjoy his company, but I am sure he sees other people, as I do.

Apparently Flo likes men in their 60s because the younger ones are the only ones who can keep up with her. AMAZING! This is the attitude to have in life. So glad Florence Henderson is alive and well and is doing her to the fullest.

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Katy Perry is making the Super Bowl all about herself

katy perry

Sorry to break it to you guys, but this weekend’s Super Bowl isn’t about football, it’s about the fact that Katy Perry is performing during the halftime show, and she’s determined to make this whole thing a complete Katy Perry affair. While it’s usually the teams and coaches that hold press conferences ahead of the big game, it’s Katy who decided to sit down with members of the press this week – complete with her dog Butters – to add a little pop fabulousness to the whole affair.

Don’t believe me? Here’s video proof:

She even threw a football better than half the NFL players out there!

This is going to be a long weekend… (I kinda can’t wait!)

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard will marry on their private island

amber heard johnny depp

Apparently Johnny Depp owns a private island in the Bahamas – who knew? But of course he does, he’s rich, so I guess it’s not all that surprising. It’s probably also not all that surprising that Johnny and Amber Heard are probably going to get married there in about a week, according to recent “reports”.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are set to get married on the actor’s private island Little Hall’s Pond Cay in the Bahamas over the February 7-8 weekend, according to a new report. The couple, who began dating in 2012 after meeting on the set of The Rum Diary, are said to be exchanging vows before a small group of friends and family, including the actor’s kids with Vanessa Paradis, Lily Rose and Jack.

Since not all the 50 or so guests can stay at Depp’s home, some will reportedly stay on his 156-foot yacht “Vajoliroja,” which derives its name from the first two letters of Paradis and Depp’s first names as well as their kids. Heard, says the New York Post, will wear a Stella McCartney dress. Gossip Cophas reached out to reps for both stars for confirmation of the upcoming wedding, but has yet to hear back.

Well, that sounds very fancy. Not sure I’d want to stay on a yacht, but I suppose one can’t complain since it’s free!

In other news, don’t these two just seem like the strangest couple ever? It’s such a bizarre pairing that I honestly cannot imagine them together. Then again, Johnny has gone down the road to recluse hobo in recent years, so I suppose it’s just that I can’t see him with anyone. Ah well, it seems to work, so good for them!

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Amy Poehler is Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year

amy poehler hasty pudding

Amy Poehler is awesome, and finally the whole world is starting to realise it. There’s the hilarious Parks & Recreation, her Golden Globes hosting gigs with BFF Tina Fey, her autobiography that came out last year, etc. Harvard’s theatre group is into Amy, too, and they honoured her with their prestigious 2015 Hasty Pudding Award, which is kind of a big deal (kind of). Amy herself was on hand to accept the award in Cambridge, MA last night, and it was apparently a joyous celebration:

“I’d like to thank you, Hasty Pudding, for reminding me how hard it is to write funny jokes,” Poehler, 43, deadpanned at the ceremony, where presenters poked fun at the Parks and Recreation star for never having won an Emmy Award, despite being nominated more than a dozen times.

“When I was growing up in Burlington [a Boston suburb], Harvard University used to be a group of buildings we threw rocks at on our way to a real job. And as I drove by and gave the middle finger to this place, I never knew that you guys would be giving me all this s—.”

Prior to the roast, where she donned a Boston College (her alma mater) cap as she rapped and feigned a romantic encounter with a Kim Jong-un lookalike, the 2015 Golden Globes co-host was paraded around the streets of Cambridge, Massachusetts, in a Bentley convertible.

All of that sounds… kind of insane. But nothing else would be right for Amy, and I bet it was an awesome night. Love her! Amy is one of the hardest working women in comedy and has been for decades, so it’s lovely to see her getting more and more recognition, however silly this might be.

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Sean Penn is surprised to be in love again

sean penn

Sean Penn and Charlize Theron are apparently getting married soon and things seem to be going well with them – perhaps somewhat surprising given the recent revelations (they were revelations to me) of what a piece of shit he was to previous partners. I mean, tying Madonna to a chair and beating her for hours? And God knows what went on with Robin Wright, but it’s safe to say they’re not really on good terms…

In any case, Sean expressed his thoughts on love and marriage in a new interview with Esquire UK:

Yeah, I’m surprised to be in love. Lot of reasons. I’m self-proclaimed bad at mathematics but I can do two plus two: 53 years old plus finally beginning to figure out why you haven’t been happy in a single relationship? It could seem too late. But to run into somebody now who you care about is a much more passionate, deeper, truer and – God! – a much happier feeling. It’s a lot more romantic and a lot more fulfilling to be in a relationship and to think you’re a good person within it.

Yes, I’d get married again. You say I’ve been married twice before but I’ve been married under circumstances where I was less informed than I am today, so I wouldn’t even consider it a third marriage, I’d consider it a first marriage on its own terms if I got married again. I mean, I like the tradition. A friend of mine wrote a line, “Without tradition, new things die.” And I don’t want new things to die.

Well, isn’t he a perfect gentleman? Insert eyeroll here. Who knows, maybe he’s a changed man and it’s a match made in heaven with Charlize, and fair enough. He’s just always come off as a bit of an asshole – but hey, some women like that sorta thing, so best of luck to ‘em.

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