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Shonda Rhimes isn’t having your homophobic bullshit

Women In Film 2014 Crystal + Lucy Awards Presented By MaxMara, BMW, Perrier-Jouet And South Coast Plaza - Red Carpet

Shonda Rhimes is on a ROLL lately! A fan decided to send her a message on Twitter to say that they didn’t really like the fact that she has “gay scenes” in Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder… a comment which she did not take too kindly to and shut down immediately.

Get ‘em, girl. So true.

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West go to Taco Bell

kim kardashian kanye west

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have deigned to honour Los Angeles with their presence this weekend, and after hitting up a movie theatre, Kimye (which includes the “Oh God, guys, I so need to go on a diet!!”-whinger Kim) decided to hit up a Taco Bell drive-thru.

I’m not quite sure what in the hell is going on with this outfit, but it’s another absolute disaster. Do you think Kanye picked it out for her?

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Jenny McCarthy “feels transgender inside” and wants her son to be gay so he can do her hair

jenny mccarthy

Jenny McCarthy has been a bit of a bumbling idiot for a while now, so it’s no surprise that her idiocy continues to grow as time passes. You’d have thought that the whole “vaccinations are for dummies” debacle would have been the stupidest thing she’d spout off about, but alas… it gets worse. What now, then? Well, Jenny apparently “feels transgender inside” and actually wishes her son would grow up to be gay… so he can do her hair. WHAT?

From Pink News:

The model, actress and former TV host was asked about her role as transgender woman Brandi in 90s TV series ‘Just Shoot Me’.

She told PrideSource: “I feel like that inside. I always felt like one of the guys wearing, like, a Playboy bunny outfit.”

“I was David Spade’s buddy to begin with, so I was a natural fit, and I always felt like his brother.”

“To play kind of the dude was almost too scary natural.”

When asked how she would feel if her son came out as gay, she said: “Oh my god, I would be so excited. We can shop! Do my hair!”

Just how dumb is Jenny McCarthy? It seems to go to depths unknown. At least we can hand it to her for that – Jenny will always surprise us with just how ignorant she can be. Because, you know, having a gay son is all about shopping and doing hair, and she TOTALLY knows what it must be like to be transgender since she’s a tomboy. What the fuck?

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Selena Gomez took some new pictures

selena gomez

Since splitting up with Justin Bieber for the 8,356th time, Selena Gomez has been keeping a somewhat low profile. That is, until now, since she has a ~sexy~ and ~edgy~ new photoshoot for God knows what in which her come-hither faces are seriously cracking me up.

I understand that Selena is going through her Miley phase (some would call it a slutty phase, but I don’t like that word), and I feel like Selena’s is far less obnoxious/offensive, but it’s a LOT more sad and sorta desperate. I wish homegirl would DO something with herself – use her talent, earn her celebrity. What is she famous for anymore?

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Stanley Tucci and Felicity Blunt are expecting their first child together

stanley tucci felicity blunt

Who doesn’t love a bit of the ol’ Tucc? Seriously, Stanley Tucci is so loveable and such a great actor that you can’t help but think he’s great. Emily Blunt‘s sister Felicity sure did, as they’ve been together since meeting in 2006 on the set of The Devil Wears Prada, got married in 2012 and are now expecting their first child together!

Hazel Krasinski is getting a playmate! Stanley Tucci and Felicity Blunt, Emily Blunt’s sister, are expecting their first child together. The Hunger Games actor confirmed the news exclusively to Us Weekly while attending the Mario Batali Foundation Dinner at Del Posto in NYC on Sunday, Oct. 19.

“I’m very excited to be a dad. It’s incredible,” Tucci, 53, told Us at the event. “I’m most excited to have a baby with Felicity and for the baby to be healthy.”

“The sex is of no concern to me,” he added, with a laugh. “The sex of the baby, that is.” As for what kind of mother Blunt will be? “A great one!” he gushed.

ADORABLE. I don’t know why I find it so cute, I just do. Go with it. Yay!

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Matthew Morrison got married this weekend

matthew morrison

Everyone’s least favourite Glee star (I know, it’s a tough choice!), Mr. Schue, actually found someone willing to listen to his self-important bullshit for the rest of his life. That’s right, Matthew Morrison got married this weekend in Hawaii to girlfriend Renee Puente.

The two were married Saturday evening in an intimate celebration in front of 50 family and friends on a private estate in Kihei on the island of Maui, Hawaii, the actor’s rep confirms exclusively to PEOPLE.

Morrison wore a custom Brooks Brothers tuxedo for the occasion, while the bride wore a one-of-a-kind Gustavo Cadile gown with shoes specially designed by Emmy London.

I can’t think of any celebrity I care less about, but news is news, I suppose. Lots more details about the ceremony and reception, if that’s your thing, at the source.

Congrats to the happy couple! (Hey, I’m not a monster.)


“Buffy The Vampire Slayer” Star Arrested And The Mugshot Is ROUGH

Actor Nicholas Brendon in Suede Jacket

Nicholas Brendon aka Xander Harris from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show (as opposed to the movie), was arrested in Boise, Idaho this weekend for basically being drunk and belligerent. And for breaking a dish (okay, that wasn’t the reason, but it was mentioned and it cracked me up for some reason — no pun intended). Here are some details via PEOPLE:

Former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Nicholas Brendon was arrested in Boise, Idaho, on Friday night.

Brendon, who was in town to attend Tree City Comic Con, was picked up by police at 10:40 p.m., according to an arrest report from the Ada County Sheriff’s Office.


Officers were called to a hotel after reports of a disturbance in the lobby involving Brendon and hotel staff, the Boise Police Department said in a statement.

Brendon “showed signs of intoxication and repeatedly refused officers commands to stay seated while officers tried to speak to witnesses,” according to the statement. He was taken into custody after he repeatedly tried to walk away. Hotel staff claim that Brendon broke a decorative dish, and police say that additional charges are possible after speaking with witnesses.

NOT THE DECORATIVE DISH!! Anyway, here’s his mugshot, and man, it is rough:


In all seriousness, it sounds (and looks) like he needs help again. Brendon went to rehab in 2004 for alcohol-related issues. Might be time for another visit. I hope he gets the help he needs. Xander was always my favorite.

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