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Kat Von D says she was in Provo Canyon school Paris Hilton was in


If you saw Paris Hiltons documentary you know the only interesting part was about her horrible experience as a teen when her parents hired people to kidnap her in the middle of the night (while they stood and watched) and take her to Provo Canyon School in Utah.  Paris claims it was there that she was abused and kept secluded from the world.

Now, celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D says she suffered the same torture as Paris when she was a young girl.

Kat recalled the abuse, which she likened to being ‘kidnapped and locked up in an institution’, and its lasting effects in a lengthy video on Instagram.

Thank you, @parishilton for giving me the courage to share about being locked up for half a year, without ever seeing the sun, at Provo Canyon School in Utah. I spent those 6 traumatic months of my teenage years, only to leave with major PTSD and other traumas due to the unregulated, unethical and abusive protocols of this “school” — and cannot believe this place is STILL OPERATING.

Please take a moment to watch @parishilton ‘s documentary #ThisIsParis and follow @breakingcodesilence to see other survivors testimonials and better understand the horrors of the “Troubled Teen” industry, and the damage it causes to not just the kids, but the families. ? #breakingcodesilence