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Nicolas Cage files for divorce after FOUR days of marriage

So on Saturday caught Nicolas Cage applying for a marriage license in Las Vegas with his make up stylist girlfriend, Erika Koike.

They said he seemed agitated (I just assumed everyone in Vegas was agitated) at the time.  Video shows Cage making a scene, telling onlookers she was going to take all of his money.

One witness says he appeared very drunk.

At one point he raised his voice and started shouting about how Koike’s ‘boyfriend’ is a drug dealer and that ‘he isn’t doing it’ – seemingly referring to getting a marriage license.

The video shows Koike calmly telling Cage: ‘I never asked you to do this’, before he smiles and gently pushes her through the hallway, saying ‘come on, let’s go’.

Fast forward to Thursday, and TMZ discovers Cage has petitioned a judge to annul the nuptials.

No word yet if the judge ok’d his request.