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Harry Styles Wants To Be An Actor, But Hollywood Isn’t Feeling It

harry styles

Now that One Direction is pretty much on permanent hiatus, the boys are all going their separate ways. Liam is shacking up with Cheryl Cole and making a right fucking fool of himself in the process, the other one has a kid that he’s trying to get custody of or something, Niall is being Irish, and Harry Styles is trying to be a movie star… but it’s not going all that well. It seems Hollywood isn’t ready to just start shelling out starring roles his way and they actually expect him to learn the craft and audition and actually be good at it before they give him a job. The nerve!

He did get a role in Christopher Nolan’s new movie Dunkirk, but it’s far from a starring role. Still, Harry’s not deterred. He’s sure he can wing the whole thing and become a massive movie star.

“Harry wants to break into Hollywood, but it’s proving to be a struggle,” a friend told Heat magazine, according to “He gets offered silly bit parts and cameos, but that’s not what he’s interested in.”

“He’s not had acting classes, but he’s been around for ages and has done media training and music videos for years. He thinks he can wing it,” the source added.

Harry’s rep says none of that is true, but like… fuck off. Fine, lots of entertainers want to work in multiple fields, but there are people who actually study the craft of acting and really work hard for it for years and years. Being in a boy band and having girls scream at you for a few years doesn’t make you Hollywood-worthy, so get off your high horse, Styles.