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John Travolta Wants Male Masseuses & Tin Foil Covered Windows At Every Hotel

john travolta

Look, the fact that John Travolta is a bona fide weirdo is not news. I’m not sure if it’s the Scientology or the closeted gayness that’s atrophied his brain over the years, but he’s certainly not all there these days, I think we can all agree. That’s why I suppose it wasn’t all that surprising to see that he’s got some pretty bizarro requests for every time he visits a hotel (which I imagine is somewhat often, given his line of work).

From Page Six:

One of the actor’s requirements in his current hotel rider is that “he needs a male masseur,” a source exclusively tells Page Six.

“The People v. O.J. Simpson” star also requires hotel staff to put up aluminum foil and dark curtains to black out the windows, so no one can see in, according to the source.

Additionally, Travolta, 62, brings his own sheets and requires that the hotel room be empty for 24 hours before his arrival, in order to avoid anyone else’s scent lingering behind, our source added.

Well, the male masseuse thing is definitely to be expected. You have to imagine he’s smart enough these days to have every masseuse sign an NDA so he won’t have any more public disasters about his need for a happy ending.

Also, you learn something new every day — I had no idea that Scientologists have to reject wearing perfume (apparently because L. Ron Hubbard hated rose perfume so the whole church had to reject “personal fragrance”). Weird, and that’s just another reason (of about 5,000) that I could never be a Scientologist. I love perfume too much!