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Yikes Alert: Emma Watson Serves As Face For Lancome Whitening Product

emma watson lancome

If you’re unfamiliar, “whitening” skincare and beauty products are pretty big business in Asian countries. Whether it’s something to make your skin actually lighter than it is or just to “brighten” the appearance to give the illusion of whiteness, too many women (and even some men) are chasing that ideal. It’s fucked up that this shit actually exists, but where there’s demand, companies that wanna bank that $$$ are happy to provide the merchandise for it, regardless of the message it sends. Thankfully, Emma Watson – super white actress – is here to help.

In the ad, which first appeared in 2013 but recently resurfaced, because that’s what we do on the Internet, Emma promotes a product called “Blanc Expert” or Expert White. Did she have any idea that her image would be used on this particular product? Not likely – I doubt she has any say in marketing other than “yes, I’m the face of Lancome.” However, she also hasn’t spoken about this and has a hardcore feminist activist, you’d have thought she would, since she’s spoken about dumber shit in her day.

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