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Sam Smith Congratulates Himself For Being The First Openly Gay Oscar Winner… Except He Definitely Wasn’t

I’m going to level with you guys — I used to be a Sam Smith fan. I loved “Latch”, his breakout song he did with Disclosure, and I even liked that acoustic version he recorded of “Lay Me Down” long before it ever ended up on his debut album. But since then, he’s grown whinier and more insufferable by the day to the point where I literally can’t stand him. I’m sure he’s a nice enough guy or whatever (although even that’s doubtful), but he just grinds my gears. He made that opinion even more solid after last night’s Oscars, where he took home the trophy for his Spectre track, “Writing’s On The Wall.” The song is boring, but that’s not the real travesty here — the travesty is that during his acceptance speech, Smith congratulated himself for being the first openly gay Oscar winner, which he most certainly is not.

In fact, Dustin Lance Black, who also happens to be swimmer Tom Daley’s fiance, won an Oscar back in 2009 for Milk — a fact Black was happy to remind Smith of, along with a warning to stop texting Daley (yikes). Nevertheless, while there are probably even more gay Oscar winners, Smith was unrelenting and instead walked around calling himself the second openly gay Oscar winner. Why doesn’t he just pull up Google on his phone, for God’s sake?

Also, why is he morphing into Boy George? Make it stop!

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