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Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Got His Oscar — Too Bad No One Tuned In To See It

Last night was Hollywood’s biggest celebration of films and their actors, and it was a monumental night. I mean, I’m guessing it was — I didn’t actually see it. Instead, I was watching the Tina Fey & Amy Poehler movie Sisters, which was way better than I expected and had me LOLing throughout. Apparently all I missed on the Oscars was a bunch of white people winning awards, Sam Smith making an ass of himself (more on that later), and Leonardo DiCaprio finally getting that beloved gold statue. Turns out, I wasn’t actually alone in avoiding all things Academy Awards last night — the 2016 Oscars had the lowest ratings in eight years.

From CNN:

The show drew a 23.4 overnight rating on Sunday night, according to ABC.

The ratings for the three and a half hour broadcast was down 5% from last year’s 24.6 overnight rating and would give the awards its lowest overnight rating in eight years.

It should be noted that overnight ratings can be inaccurate in terms of measuring viewership and more detailed numbers including viewership will be released later on Monday.

The low overnight ratings are surprising seeing that this year’s Oscars were one of the most talked about awards in recent years. This was due to backlash and protests over the Academy’s lack of diverse nominees.

The Oscars are boring as shit, just like every other mainstream awards show. You can bring in whatever host you’d like, have any comedians make dumb joke you’d like, and it’s still going to be boring. That’s just the nature of the beast. Sure, we want to see what everyone wears on the red carpet and who gets to take home those gold statues, but I’d rather just read about it afterwards than have to sit through three insufferable hours.

I am pretty stoked for Brie Larson and Alicia Vikander, though.

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  • Completely fed up with the whole Hollywood patting each other on the back what 5-6 times a yr. Honestly who gives a shit and lets face it the ones that go to the awards shows that aren’t nominated only go coz they get swag bags worth $150k plus

  • JJ, you and the writer of this article are missing the point. It’s only boring if you’re not an artist yourself. If you are an artist in the entertainment field, the Oscars and globes and even the Tony awards are all fantastic. No, the ones that go who aren’t nominated go for the love of the art. They don’t get those expensive gift bags. The top gift bags are only for nominees.