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Charlie Sheen Admits HIV Diagnosis On ‘Today’ Show

charlie sheen HIV today show

The US tabloids have been rife with speculation over the past couple of weeks about an “A-List actor” who’s apparently been living with HIV. This morning, Charlie Sheen appeared on the Today show in order to confirm that he is indeed HIV positive and has been living with the condition since he was diagnosed four years ago.

Charlie discovered his condition after he was hospitalized for experiencing serious cluster headaches and night sweats. He believed that he had a brain tumour and underwent a series of intensive tests, which is when he found out he had HIV. He has a team of doctors who have been treating him ever since (one of which appeared on Today with him to explain his condition), but he’s still paid out millions of dollars to people who’ve threatened to reveal his secret, from prostitutes he used regularly and then dumped to close “friends” he thought he could trust who later extorted him. He says that part of his life will end today, now that there’s nothing for them to sell him out about, but it’s still pretty fucked up that this has been going on.

Matt Lauer asked Charlie if he’s been involved in all the high-risk behaviors that can lead to HIV, but Charlie insisted he’s never used needles. He’s still unsure how he contracted the disease, but says he has always been honest and up front about his condition and used condoms for sex since being diagnosed. However, he also admitted he’s had unprotected sex with two women, but claims that the women were advised of his condition and consented to this. Yikes.

More and more will be coming out about this, I’m sure, as the interview is actually still airing at the time I’m publishing this article, but there we have it.

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  • I don’t believe for a second that he told all of his partners he had hiv. He should be in jail. What a scumbag.

    • You don’t know shit the scumbags that should in jail are the asshole who were extorting money from him. I hope he names those ppl they should be the ones that are outted .