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Charlie Sheen Totally Didn’t Do Coke With Zac Efron (Which Means He Probably Did)

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Zac Efron just came out of a five month rehab stint for what was apparently a pretty serious cocaine addiction, and if you put the words “cocaine” and “Hollywood” in the same sentence, chances are you’ll be led straight to Charlie Sheen‘s door. Apparently Zac went to plenty of “cocaine-fuelled parties” at Charlie’s house, which makes perfect sense to me but which Charlie denies like crazy.

From TMZ:

Sheen tells TMZ … he hasn’t even seen Zac for nearly a year … specifically when Efron showed up to the set of  Anger Management 11 months ago.  Charlie says he showed up not to see him … Zac was there because they share the same publicist who happened to be on the set.

The report claims Zac visited the set at least a dozen times.  Charlie says it’s all made up … Zac was there that one time only.

As for the claim Zac spent a lot of time partying at Charlie’s house and then strongly insinuating they were on cocaine binges … Charlie says, “ridiculous.”  Sheen says Zac was at his home a grand total of one time — nearly 2 years ago for a Super Bowl party.  The next time Charlie saw Zac was when he visited the set 11 months ago.

Charlie is also angry the report claims he’s on an uncontrollable cocaine binge.  He says, “Consider the fact that I have completed 54 episodes of ‘Anger Management’ in a little more than a year … something that would ordinarily take more than 3 years to accomplish.”

Charlie calls the news outlet “adrift and unsalvageable.”

For the record, the “news outlet” in question is Radar Online, and they do post a fair bit of bullshit, but they can also be pretty spot on a lot of times, so I can see this being true. As for Charlie himself being clean – yeah, okay, and I’m the queen of England.

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  • At one time in my life, “deny till you die” was my MO. Charlie hasn’t earned the benefit of much doubt.

  • While reading this I was thinking .. hasn’t Charlie been working pretty much non stop on Anger? Here’s my question Efron went to rehab (possibly twice) and was apparently partying non stop with Charlie and until Efron got out of rehab nobody (tmz and the likes) had no idea? I call BULLSHIT on yhis story linking these two together Charlie isn’t the only Coker in LA