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Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” Is So Good & I Hate Myself For Saying It


Justin Bieber is a total dickhead and everyone knows it, but there’s another hard truth we’ve all had to confront lately: he makes really, really good music. From “Where Are U Now” to “What Do You Mean”, the Biebs has been killing it with catchy pop music, and now he’s gone and done it again with his new song, “Sorry”, and I don’t even know who I am anymore. I’m obsessed (with this song, NOT him).

The video is a bit of a hot mess and I’m assuming it’s not the real thing — the whole “white girls dancing in ways popularized by black girls even though there are no black girls in this video (though there are a few ethnically ambiguous girls, don’t worry)” thing has been done to death, but whatever. Ignoring all that, the choreography is pretty good and the song is REALLY good. That’s in large part due to Skrillex and Blood Diamonds, two producers/musicians who know EDM and apparently dance hall.

I can’t believe how much I’m looking forward to Justin’s album next month. I should be ashamed, and I kind of am, but I’m mostly just really excited.


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  • Hate to break it to you Jennifer, you’re white! but the whole 18 year old in her first world issues class who just learned about appropriation and gentrification role you’re (hopefully) playing it great! You’re down with the issues, black and ethnically-ambiguous America thanks you for being so informed, you get honorary membership. Poor Sasha, you continue to burn down all she built.

  • The girls are ReQuest dance crew from New Zealand. The ‘ethnically’ ambiguous girls are likely to be Maori (native NZers) or Polynesian, the makeup of the group is pretty well representative of the population that they hail from. Hope this makes you feel a little better :)

  • Song sucks and so does Jennifer for always speaking for people of color, as if she is a spokesperson on what offends them these days. Maybe it’s not a big deal that they are dancing like that? Can white people not use dance moves invented by blacks? If that is the case, spokesperson, make sure you tell the blacks to stop using white inventions.. what’s fair is fair.

      • Who? Nice comeback. Rather than admit you are wrong, just make weird shit up. Nice writers, Evil Beet.

    • Then give black people all the money you people have stolen and are still stealing out of Africa to fund your so called inventions.WE!!!!!!!!invented plastic surgery.You are welcome white women.Learn invention history black people invented a lot of thing you damn people stole.

  • @Anon – That is just it, shes not all that bright, although we can hope her lack of understanding is due to a lack of education (not just traditional sense, life skills), it appears this Jennifer is (on paper) educated, and she will always speak as the POC unofficial representative, but do not EVER question her on any related history. Bring up the Tuskegee experiments, and she will assume its the airmen we’re talking about, ask about the Ethiopian slave trade, she will only know the Christian Childrens Fund Commercials, ask her anything about missing and murdered indigenous women, or South Asian sex slave network, she will always be blank. She doesn’t KNOW anything about the issues that really effect communities, but thinks if she advocates enough against all things Caucasian then shes with it.