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Lindsay Lohan May Have Ruined A Wedding

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan, it’s been so long since we’ve heard from you last, and that was awesome. But alas, you are back in the magazines again. Not for your work (LOL obviously) or your legal troubles (which is quite surprising), but for your antics (ah, no surprise after all). It appears as though you may have ruined a wedding. You certainly didn’t add to it in any complimentary way, but was it enough for you to completely wreck it? Only the bride and groom know for sure, and they haven’t confirmed.

Here’s what Lohan did at her millionaire friend’s wedding in Italy (thanks, Us!):

  • Played with her cell phone and painted her nails — yes, painted her nails — during the ceremony.
  • “Pretended to DJ” on her iPhone by playing the same song in a row, then accusing people of photographing her (they were not).
  • Stripped naked and ran around screaming.

You know, just Lohan stuff! Why did she strip naked? Who the hell knows? But here’s what Us Weekly has to say about it:

Things took a turn for the worst after an announcer cracked a joke about Lohan during the reception. The witness tells Us that Lohan then rushed out and claimed she had been drugged. “She took off all her clothes and got completely naked and was running around her villa screaming that she’d been drugged.”

According to a second source, an EMT came to attend to Lohan, but the star was deemed fine. “She could walk and talk,” the insider tells Us. “She wasn’t slurring or anything. She was upset about the joke being made about her. She just wanted the attention.”

She’s TWENTY-NINE YEARS OLD, COME ON NOW. Staahp, Lohan, staaaaaahp!

Plus, as you can see from the top photo, bitch wore a dress that, while technically light pink, photographs white as f-ck. Did she really not anticipate that?

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