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Kylie Jenner Flaunts “Natural” Curves In Instagram Bikini Photo

kylie jenner

I suppose it could be considered an accomplishment to have had more plastic surgeries than years on earth, and hey, if that’s what makes you happy, sure, knock yourself out. Kylie Jenner has always felt insecure with her appearance, given the family she’s from, and she’s wasted no time in pumping up her lips, ass, boobs, and likely a bunch of other parts of her body… and all before her 18th birthday! But, you know, they’re all “natural” curves.

Kylie took to Instagram over the weekend to don a bikini/fish for compliments to validate her insecurities, and her legions of followers didn’t disappoint. Also, her face actually looks lovely when it’s natural/doesn’t have 900 gallons of makeup/contouring/god knows what else going on with it. She actually looks her age, and she looks pretty, rather than like a plastic junior version of Kim Kardashian (although I know saying “plastic” and “Kim Kardashian” in the same sentence is an oxymoron).

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  • I like this, u can see slightly dimply thighs and shes obvs not a gg bust, and she kinda looks herself without 20 layers of foundation. She plays it all up, but she dont need to! I was hoping tkh jenners would seee th ksrdashian kurse and steer clear.