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Bill Cosby Gets More Disgusting By The Day

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Just when you think Bill Cosby can’t get any more disgusting, he outdoes himself yet again. As more of that deposition in which he admitted to buying quaaludes to drug and coerce women into having sex with him has come to light, it appears he has no shame about his extramarital affairs and sexual abuse, and in fact even joked throughout his testimony, admitting at one point that he was “making light” of a very serious issue.

Here’s the report from the New York Times:

He was not above seducing a young model by showing interest in her father’s cancer. He promised other women his mentorship and career advice before pushing them for sex acts. And he tried to use financial sleight of hand to keep his wife from finding out about his serial philandering.

Bill Cosby admitted to all of this and more over four days of intense questioning 10 years ago at a Philadelphia hotel, where he defended himself in a deposition for a lawsuit filed by a young woman who accused him of drugging and molesting her.

Even as Mr. Cosby denied he was a sexual predator who assaulted many women, he presented himself in the deposition as an unapologetic, cavalier playboy, someone who used a combination of fame, apparent concern and powerful sedatives in a calculated pursuit of young women — a profile at odds with the popular image he so long enjoyed, that of father figure and public moralist.

He suggested he was skilled in picking up the nonverbal cues that signal a woman’s consent.

“I think I’m a pretty decent reader of people and their emotions in these romantic sexual things, whatever you want to call them,” he said.

Through it all, his manner was largely one of casual indifference.

At one point in the first day of questioning, Dolores M. Troiani, the lawyer for the plaintiff in the case, Andrea Constand, a young woman who worked at Temple University as a basketball manager, seemed struck by Mr. Cosby’s jocular manner.

“I think you’re making light of a very serious situation,” she said, to which Mr. Cosby replied: “That may very well be.”

I mean, it goes on from there, and the entire thing is absolutely disgusting. The fact that he was not charged and arrested right then and there and hasn’t been rotting in prison ever since is absolutely insane, and a terrible miscarriage of justice. What an awful excuse for a human being.

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