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John Stamos Is Going To Rehab


John Stamos was arrested for drunk driving earlier this summer, which prompted many to ask, “Wait, what the hell?” Personally, I was a little shocked/stunned, because when it comes to celebrity shenanigans, John Stamos doesn’t really top that list. Dude seems responsible enough, with his work in such upcoming projects like Fuller House and current Greek yogurt commercials.

But, it happened, and now, whether it’s to save face or for real, John Stamos is entering rehab. PEOPLE confirms it, and offers no other details. Seriously, this is all they got:

John Stamos has entered rehab, PEOPLE confirms exclusively. The actor has checked himself into a residential program for the treatment of substance abuse. 

Also, if you’re interested in reading a debate over whether or not Mr. Stamos is attractive, then PEOPLE‘s website is for you!

Anyway, I wish him the best of luck, and I hope he takes his recovery seriously.

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  • Okay, so none of this surprises me. My cousin used to work for Ryan Seacrest and she told me years ago that he came into the studio one day and you could tell he was a drunk. It’s a shame too, he seems like such a nice guy.