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John Stamos Arrested For Driving Drunk


John Stamos, perhaps best known for playing Uncle Jesse on Full House, was pulled over in Beverly Hills last night after police were bombarded with calls about a possible drunk driver in the area. Which begs the question, what ever happened to predictability? (Sorry, sorry). I’m really going to do my best not to make Full House jokes, because there’s nothing funny about drunk driving. Here’s what went down, from CNN:

The 51-year-old actor — the only person in his vehicle — was pulled over, after which he showed officers his driver’s license and identified himself verbally. Paramedics transported him to an area hospital due to a possible medical condition, according to [Beverly Hills police Sgt. David] Armour.

Once at the hospital, authorities came to the conclusion that he’d been driving under the influence and arrested him, the police sergeant said.

Stamos was given a citation for DUI and released to the care of the hospital.

According to Armour, Stamos is set to appear in court September 11 in connection with the incident.

I wonder if he asked the arresting officer to, “Have mercy.” Damnit, sorry, sorry. Again, not funny. I guess I’m just kind of amazed. Like, why, John Stamos, why? How do you not know better? How do you not call a car to pick your drunk ass up and take you home? It’s not like you can’t afford it. I don’t get it.

Anyway, Stamos commented on the incident on Twitter:


OK, buddy. Whatever.

Stamos is set to appear in the upcoming Netflix series Fuller House, a Full House spinoff.

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