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Bruce Jenner On Gender Transition: ‘I Want To Know How This Story Ends’

bruce jenner diane sawyer

Is ABC not ranking in the ratings, like, ever or something? They’ve been pushing this Diane Sawyer 2-hour sitdown with Bruce Jenner so hard for the past couple of weeks, and thankfully the damn thing is on tomorrow night so we can stop hearing about it. In the latest promo, Bruce says the phrase “I want to know how this story ends” and frankly, so do I. Tell me, so I can stop reading these cryptic damn stories every day. If the “story” he’s referring to isn’t about his gender change, I swear…

Not like Bruce is personally putting these promos together, but with all this attention whoring, I feel like he learned more than we gave him credit for during his time in the Kardashian family.

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  • I’m curious to know how he felt being the only man (well, Robert Kardashian, but he doesn’t count) in a house of dominant women and how that shaped his decision when/if to come to terms with whatever he’s coming to terms with. Also, I wonder how he would classify his sexual orientation….like, if he considers himself a woman and is into women, does he feel he identifies more with the term ‘lesbian’ or not? Maybe that’s not a politically correct question, but since all this trans-gender stuff is relatively new as far as the media paying attention to it, they’re just things I am curious about.

  • Great comments!! But we won’t get that. Maybe many many years down the line in a book or to stay relevant