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Is Bruce Jenner’s Interview With Diane Sawyer Just One Big Hoax?

bruce jenner diane sawyer

ABC has been going nuts releasing “teasers” for Bruce Jenner‘s upcoming big interview with Diane Sawyer. We’re all under the assumption that this 2-hour special is about Big News. Mainly, the big news that Bruce is planning to officially undergo a sex change and begin living as a woman. But is that the case? Could this whole thing actually be one big hoax and see Bruce just discussing his big “life change” as in life after divorce from Kris Jenner? Some people seem to think so.

From KQED:

The family has not publicly commented on Bruce allegedly being trans, but, earlier this year, Kim had this to say, when asked about her stepfather: “I think everyone goes through things in life, and I think that story and what Bruce is going through, I think he’ll share whenever the time is right. I feel like that’s his journey to talk about.”

So, either she means what she says about his supposed transition not being her story to tell…or — and I really hope it isn’t this or — she is teasing around the issue, using terminology that could be applied to a transition, but actually is about something mundane like his transition from being married for 24 years to being single in his 60s.

All our questions will be answered when the much-hyped interview with Diane Sawyer airs on April 24, 2015. The promos tease: “The  Journey, The Decisions, The Future.” And Jenner is quoted as saying: “My whole life has been getting me ready for this.” Again, words that could be about being trans, but are not specific enough to get anyone in trouble if this all turns out to be a ratings ploy. It’s not their fault we assumed they were talking about being trans, right? No one ever said anything explicitly about that.

I mean, it brings up a good point – we are all just assuming that’s what he’s going to talk about in this interview, but they have all been quite coy about it…

Then again, there’s no way ABC is going to shell out the cash and resources to air a 2 hour special about Bruce Jenner adjusting to single life after getting divorced, so I’m still waiting to see him talk about being transgender. Not that he should have to do it at all, let alone in an ABC News special, but here we are.

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