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Roseanne Smokes That “Good Medicine” To Deal With Impending Blindness


The last we heard from Roseanne Barr, she was basically getting herself blacklisted from ever working on network television again after going on a massive Twitter rant against NBC execs and losing her damn mind. Much has changed since then, including the fact that she was diagnosed with macular degeneration and glaucoma, so she’s started smoking the good shit to deal with her impending blindness – an issue she’s pretty open about in the new documentary Roseanne For President!

From The Daily Beast:

I had asked why she was such a fan of marijuana, which we see her smoking in the film, and which she claims is excellent for releasing us from “mind control.” Obviously she wants it legalized.

“It’s a good medicine, you know,” she says.

For pain, I ask.

“I have macular degeneration and glaucoma, so it’s good for me for that because I have pressure in my eyes. It’s a good medicine for a lot of things.”

Will the macular degeneration ultimately leave you blind, I ask.

“Yeah,” Barr replies, flatly.

Have her doctors given her any kind of time frame on when that will come to pass?

“No, they can’t. My vision is closing in now,” Barr says, making a narrowing motion with her hands near her eyes. “It’s something weird. But there are other weird things. That one’s harsh, ’cause I read a lot, and then I thought, ‘Well, I guess I could hire somebody to read for me and read to me.’ But I like words and I like looking. You do what you have to do. I just try and enjoy vision as much as possible—y’know, living it up. My dad had it, too.”

And she believes pot releases us from mind control, in what way? “It’s expansive. It opens your mind. You’re like,”—she looks up—“Wow, you’re in awe. You look up into the stars. It makes you wonder. It doesn’t close that down.”

Aw, man, that sucks. I love me some Roseanne. She’s as crazy as a craphouse rat at this point, but she’s still an absolute legend, and I can’t imagine what it must be like to gradually be losing your sight and knowing that one day, you won’t see anything at all.

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  • I’m sorry she’s going blind but she was crazy long before that incident with NBC its just that when she was a huge star she could get away with it. Now she can’t.

    • I have never left a comment in my life but fuck ! Give the woman a brake ! She has made more money that all of us have ! She never put us down so give her a brake ! I bet you more than anything that she is one he’ll of a fuck !!!!! Garunteed !!!!