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Roseanne Barr Will Never Work in TV Again

roseanne barr

Or so she says, probably until the money runs out. Is that cynical? I can’t help it! In nay case, Roseanne Barr has fallen out with NBC over some bullshit. Basically, the network hired her earlier this year to create a show with Nurse Jackie showrunner Linda Wallem, but the process has been less than stellar and she’s none too pleased about it. We all know that when a celebrity is throwing a fit, there’s only one place to do it: Twitter (read from the bottom on up).

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There’s some missing stuff here that she’s deleted since – stuff about how Wallem apparently went missing for seven weeks and then when she did give Roseanne a script, it was really shitty. The network apparently also wanted to throw out every joke she wrote and censor her ‘brand’.  Oh man.

Yes, Roseanne does have mental health issues and she can come off as… really unstable and detached from reality at times. I don’t think her current self is her best self, but let’s not forget what an amazing feminist icon she was with the sitcom back in the day and what a talent she is underneath the rest of it. Clearly this project isn’t going to come to pass, however. So what’s she gonna do now?

There you have it.

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