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Miley Cyrus celebrates Christmas in a rather interesting way

miley cyrus

I don’t think there’s much sense in asking what the hell is going on with Miley Cyrus here, to be honest. It’s just what she does. Of course she would put on a demented, half-naked elf outfit, carry a purse that says “I have no tits” and look like a walking bad acid trip. We’re all on board with it.

The lovely photo above was taken from Wayne Coyne‘s art gallery party in Oklahoma City, but that ain’t all! Miley also wore glittery weed leaves on her boobs, kissed girls and basically acted like a smacked ass, as per usual. Here are a few more photos:

miley cyrus kiss

miley cyrus party

Wow, that… looks like fun, I guess? Frankly, I really don’t know what the hell goes on with Miley and Wayne Coyne but it’s all a bit strange for my taste.

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  • The Flamkng Lips have a big party every year in OK, this was at The Womb Gallery, and basically looked like every music festival/edm club that 20 somethings all over the world go to on any given weekend. Why people are acting like this is some kind of bizarre or unusual behavior, and not like it could be any old college aged student’s Insta acct. .?

  • Miley Cyrus went to a party that looks like a typical weekend at a club or festival for 20somethings all over the world and people treat it like something bizarre. This could easily be any college kid from Random USA’s Instagram.

  • Just looks like an immature person desperate for attention. As do the who-are-they girls in the last pic. Especially by pulling down their tops. Look at me, look at me. For their age, we should probably give them a pass. It’s not criminal but it sure is tired. Just sooo tired. Here’s hoping 2015 will bring a newer, fresher way for celebs to get their attention fix.

  • she’s gonna be soo chubby when she gets older. just look at dem big ole chipmunk cheeks!
    looks like shes always fightin the fat.

  • It’s funny when you punk, bully, demean, expose and abuse yourself Miley.. So freeing to be ugly filming without makeup too!.. quotesJennifer Aniston..

  • I was at this party. I’ve been to plenty of Flaming Lips events at the Womb and elsewhere, and the whole Miley scene really changed the vibe. The crowd of folks that showed up and followed Miley around all night in a swarm was not the typical Lips crowd. They seemed like a more dance/club/EDM scene. She didn’t seem to really acknowledge anyone outside of her immediate group or watch the featured bands. She and her entourage spent most of their time in the back private area except for her coming out to do a brief DJ set.