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David Arquette’s fight with his fiancee was caught on camera

david arquette christina mclarty

David Arquette announced his engagement to girlfriend and Entertainment Tonight correspondent Christina McLarty back in July, but it looks like there might be a slight bit of trouble in paradise for the couple – at least if you go off the video which caught the pair screaming at each other during a fight in Los Angeles on Friday night.

Well yeah, sure, that doesn’t seem great, but couples fight. And depending on your temperament, you might even fight in a way that seems insane/makes you say shit you clearly don’t mean. How many times have you fought with a significant other and said, “I’m done! No more of this shit!” only to be just fine again in the morning? I don’t think this particularly proves anything, but who knows…

For the record, a rep for the couple says they’re still together.

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