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Kim Kardashian loves her ass more than her baby

kim kardashian ass

Alright, alright, I know I’m being a bit sensationalist here, but seriously, could the woman spend any more time photographing her own ass? The amount of time it must take to snap pictures of Kim Kardashian‘s butt and then Photoshop must really cut into her time with her daughter.

Of course, she’d like us to believe it’s all hard work at the gym that gives her that 100% “natural” backside, so she posted the above photo on Instagram with the caption, “Gym time while my baby is napping!” Yeah, okay.

I swear if she spent half the time parenting as she does admiring her own reflection, that kid might have half a chance in life. Or maybe not… I forgot who poor North West‘s mother actually is, for a second there. She’d probably do better being raised by wolves.

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  • Does anyone else see all this as just sad? She is SO desperate to prove to the world that she is STILL a smoking hot sex symbol that it’s getting ridiculous. She is making herself look so freaking narcissistic. Does she really think people WANT to see an endless stream of pictures of her, once again, on vacation and in a bikini? Do some freaking charity work…post pics of that. DO SOMETHING other than working out or laying around!

    • No blonde, you are not the only one. For a while I thought it was sad. Now I just think it’s tragic. I would be so hurt if I was acting like this and none of my friends had the guts to tell me to my face. She seems to have no idea how badly she is being used and betrayed by those who are supposed to be close to her and support her. She also clearly has no idea how awful she looks when trying to dress herself in clothes intended for a long, lean body type. I’m fascinated by the process a person goes through to get to the level of delusion this woman lives in. How does that happen? If her family and friends truly loved her, they would sit her down and explain to her just what an idiot she comes off as. But I understand that she is their cash cow (pun intended) so they have to be careful. There really aren’t any words to describe how awful this woman is.

      • VERY well put Deb!! that is EXACTLY what i was thinking!!! it is tragic, that’s the perfect word. i will say this though, she has quite the life…lounging by a pool all day, shopping, never having to take the time to raise her child, just have her around for opportunistic photo ops….she just comes off as the most shallow person on the planet.

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