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I don’t think Kim Kardashian knows what “lady lumps” are

Kim Kardashian mexico

Unsurprisingly, Kim Kardashian continues to prove to us on a daily basis just how slow she is, mentally speaking. Yesterday, she took to Instagram to post more pictures of her ass as she vacationed in Mexico, and she captioned it with “#ourlovelyladylumps”, which… last time I checked, is extremely incorrect. Shocker!

Here’s another shot, just because you haven’t seen Kim Kardashian’s ass enough times in your life already.

kim kardashian ass

As some commenters were pointing out on these photos, it’s almost like she cares about her ass more than she does about her child. I don’t know if these pics are evidence of that, per se – maybe she simply doesn’t want to share her infant’s face non-stop with the public to open the kid up to scrutiny. Still, I definitely think her head is too far up her own ass to be parenting a child. I guess it’s lucky that she can afford others to do it for her, then.

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  • “Kim doesn’t know what lady lumps are” that is one of a million things this chick doesn’t know including where her daughter is and who’s watching her.

    Does Kim’s ass go on vacation and bring the rest of her along or is it the other way around cos it seems like the ass is in charge of the camera.

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