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3Katie Holmes gets topless for Glamour

katie holmes 3

We don’t hear much from Katie Holmes these days. There are some random dating rumours here or there, but it’s the general assumption that her escape from Tom Cruise and his Scientology cult, her career has kinda gone down the tube.

NOT SO, however – Glamour put her on its August cover, where she shares some classic and cliche empowerment thoughts like “I didn’t know how much love I had in me” and “I feel like I can do anything”.

The full interview isn’t available yet, but you can check out Katie’s photos below. This whole shoot is giving me a ’70s vibe, for some reason – and not necessarily a good thing.

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July 7, 2014 at 10:00 am by Jennifer
Filed Under: Afterdark, Katie Holmes

3 Responses to “Katie Holmes gets topless for Glamour”

  1. LizM says:

    I’ll support anything she does. It took a lot of courage to escape that cult.

  2. lcf says:

    It’s not topless if you can’t see her boobs.

  3. David says:

    She’s posed topless in movies before. I think her success is more about her beauty, breasts bare than her acting skills.

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