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Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week!

lady gaga

Uh, okay.

How is it time already for Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week?! But it is! We’ve got a bunch of wacky looks from last week here, and this week we’ve got, as you can see, Lady Gaga without a shirt. And some other stuff.

Go through the photos and make your pick for who had the BEST, WORST, and most WTF look of the week! Mine, as always, are at the bottom.



Do we think this look is maybe a bit too severe for the sweet Anna Paquin? I think the hair is, definitely.


Cameron Diaz. I really like the neckline of the dress, it keeps it from being utterly boring.



Here’s Deborah Ann Woll from True Blood. She’s such a beautiful girl, and this dress does nothing for her. Sad face.



Demi Lovato seems like a sweet girl which is why I’m sorry to say this is a hot mess. I don’t think I need to explain why. If you have eyes, you’ll get it.



I love this look on Ellen Page (and all women, really). Perhaps the tie is a bit too long, but I think this…suits her perfectly (YEEEEEEAAAHHHHH!!!)



Emmy Rossum usually hits it out of the park. This isn’t really a home run, it’s more of a…I don’t know, insert other baseball metaphor here (triple play?). I don’t like the hemline and I think nude pumps would have been better than black. But she still looks pretty fab.



Halle Berry looks pretty good. Not thrilled about the sheen on the dress — it kind of reminds me of those cheap sweater dresses you’d buy at Express. Anyone have any idea what I’m talking about?



I like Heidi Klum‘s simple street style, though the bag is hilariously large. And I gotta ask — has she always been this thin??



I think Jessica Alba‘s dress hits her legs at an unfortunate length. And it’s kind of a meh dress anyway.



Here’s Kesha (no more $) in an outfit that I’m not loving and yet I still think she looks great. She just looks so happy and healthy. Good for her, even though the top/bra combo is diabolical.



This whole look is awful on Kim Kardashian, but to be fair, I think it would be awful on anyone.



Here’s Lady Gaga‘s full look. The whole thing is so perplexing and that poor dog looks miserable. Look, I think she’s capable of churning out decent, even great outfits, but this is so far from one of them, it’s ridiculous on every level.



Here’s Lauren Conrad, she of another comically large purse, in a simple outfit on her way to lunch. The skirt is cute.



And here’s actress Lorelei Linklater. When I saw this photo I said, “What the f-ck” out loud. I think she missed the boat on edgy, but made the boat to WTF.



And here’s Lucy Liu in an awkward dress.



Michelle Williams (the Destiny’s Child one). The top doesn’t go with the skirt at all, and vice versa.



Nicole Kidman appears to have covered up her gigantic new boobs. She looks pretty much flawless. Love the detailing on the gown.



Olivia Wilde in what the everloving hell is this? Her dress looks like a tarp you’d put on a house when you spray for termites.



This is also I think too severe a look, for the lovely Rose Byrne. Usually I think she nails it, but I’m not feeling this one. It’s a little dour.



And finally, Little Miss Taylor Swift rocks a two piece pink outfit. Though I am so over crop tops, I can’t really hate this.

Time to make your picks! Here’s mine:

BEST: Ellen Page
WORST: Lady Gaga
WTF: Lorelei Linklater

Your turn!

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