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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week!

Here's what Daphne Guinness, artist and "style icon" wears to stroll around NYC.

Here’s what Daphne Guinness, artist and “style icon” wears to stroll around NYC.

Bust out your finest top hat — it’s time once again for Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the WeekLast week, we saw some crazy-ass looks, and this week is fairly tame by comparison. Also, we’ve got some looks from the Tony Awards for you! Go through the photos and make your 3 picks for who has the BEST, WORST, and most WTF look of the week! As always, my picks are at the bottom. (And this week, a guy made by pick for best look! Can you guess who it is?)


Here’s Kerry Washington wearing the same disaster skirt Taylor Schilling wore. I didn’t like it on Ms. Schilling, and I don’t like it on Ms. Washington, but what do you think?


Speaking of Taylor Schilling, here she is. Vast improvement. Love the shoes. Does this chick not remind you so much of Katy Perry? I think there’s a definite resemblance.



Here’s AnnaSophia Robb looking freakin’ adorable in a perfectly tailored dress. It looks like she was poured into it.



Carrie Underwood. I think the dress is actually kind of adorable, but I hate the clutch and the heels.



Cate Blanchett is dressed like a freshly cleansed Woodstock hippie. Not sure why.



I think Emily Mortimer is so freaking cute, but I’m undecided about this dress. I like the shape and the cut, it’s just the design that’s giving me trouble. It’s like there’s an oil spill on her dress.



Emmy Rossum usually brings it with her red carpet style, but I’m not feeling this one as much as previous gowns, though as usual, I love how her hair is styled.



Eva Longoria. Eh, I think we can all agree this is a “miss”. She looks like a sassy caterer.



Let’s take a minute here to talk about Fran Drescher. I adore Fran Drescher. But Holy Cow, I am not loving this. She looks like a candlestick, like the kind you play with in clue. But a candlestick at a rave. The color and cut is all wrong for her. She’s a beautiful woman; I’m bummed she went with this gown.



One thing I love about Gwen Stefani is, when she’s not wearing ugly pants or half an overall, she has great casual street style. I love this look. It’s simple, but not boring, and it’s very her.



Jamie King look a moment to stop breastfeeding to dress in a very severe, almost icy, purple number. I don’t get it and I don’t love it.



I guess since Gwen Stefani wasn’t wearing ugly pants this week, Jessica Alba decided to step up for her. God, these are awful, and the Docs don’t help.



Still not a fan of the hair, but I am still a fan of Kelly Osbourne‘s fashion. This dress fits her perfectly.



A very pregnant Lake Bell in a very sleek LBD. Love the heels, but I worry for her comfort. I’m such a mom. But, like, without the kids.



Maggie GyllenhaalGirl, what is going on? This just isn’t working for me. She looks like a fancy muppet.



And once again we have Mariah Carey in an outfit that, like the Grinch’s heart, is 2 sizes too small. God bless you, Mariah.



Mila Kunis, also pregnant, is also donning a LBD. She looks adorable, and it looks super comfy.



Neil Patrick Harris looks…bizarre. Must be the brown hair. Also, his pants fit terribly. Shame, Mr. Harris! Shame!



Honestly, usually when Rita Ora hits the town, she looks like the hottest of messes, but I’m liking this — very sleek.



And here we have Tom Sawyer Robin Wright.



Rumer Willis. I feel like this whole ensemble is a little…tacky? What do you guys think?



Here’s RuPaul, looking fantastic. Loving the pink blazer, because why not?



Oh, Tilda Swinton. This is just classic Tilda Swinton. It’s even a little girly for Ms. Swinton, who usually goes for unisex-style ensembles. I actually don’t completely hate this, am I losing it?



Vanessa Williams, are you seriously wearing a glittery camo-patterned top with a satin wrap skirt? Or is it a snakeskin top? I can’t tell. It’s so awful. Sorry.



Can we agree that this does nothing for Victoria Beckham? It just kind of…hangs there. I like the chain detail though, that’s cute.



Finally, Zachary Quinto looks f-cking ADORABLE, AND, his pants fit!!!

Time to decide. Here are my picks:

BEST: Zachary Quinto
WORST: Mariah Carey
WTF: Fran Drescher

Your turn!

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  • best: Carrie Underwood
    worst: Maggie Gyllenhaal (looks like a bobble head doll)
    wtf: Kerry Washington (that lipstick is not her color!!!)

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