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Jennifer Lopez posted a #nomakeupselfie and looked flawless doing it

jennifer lopez

Jennifer Lopez is 44 years old, which is sorta mind-blowing when you consider how young she looks. That’s not to imply that a 44-year-old can’t look amazing, because they certainly can – I just mean she looks about 15 years younger than that, and doesn’t look like she’s had much in the way of plastic surgery. Maybe some Botox here or there?

Anyhow, JLo shared the above snapshot, and the one below, on Instagram over the weekend while she was enjoying some much-needed rest and relaxation before she starts the neverending exhaustion train known as the promo schedule for her new album, AKA. Looking good!

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  • Even more incredible if you believe she’s actually 54. Apparently, when she was arrested with P Diddy, she had to admit her real birth year (1960). She’s been forgetting her age ever since – age looks phenomenal either way.

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