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Jennifer Lopez is “terrified” of plastic surgery

jennifer lopez

Jennifer Lopez is killing her 40s – she’s 44 and looks younger than me (and I’m only 30). Youth is not a marker of anything in particular, actually, but it certainly is in Hollywood, and many people in Jen’s position would be considering (or would already have undergone) some pricy cosmetic procedures to make sure time stays on their side. Not JLo, though – she’s apparently “terrified” of going under the knife.

From Australia’s 2Day FM:

“[I do] whatever it takes [to stay in shape].”

“I’m terrified of anything like that,” Lopez replied, when asked about the prospect of undergoing surgery.

“Little by little, as opposed to letting it get away and pulling it back with a knife, I think you can do it with eating healthy things and working out.”

She does “whatever it takes”, eh? In Hollywood, that generally means starving yourself, but whatever. Totally agree that staying in shape and being healthy are important, it’s just a shame that people tend to have such different definitions of “healthy”.

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