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Here’s how Robin Thicke begged for Paula Patton’s forgiveness

robin thicke

We already knew Robin Thicke was going to try and pull some shit at last night’s Billboard Music Awards, since he announced earlier in the week that he had a song prepared just for estranged wife Paula Patton called ‘I Should’ve Kissed You Longer’ (though apparently it’s called ‘Get Her Back’?). You know, because if he was kissing his wife longer, he might not have spent so much time kissing and fucking various other women – you get the idea.

Before he started, he told the audience that they had to help him get Paula back, which… no. You never would have lost her had you not been a serial cheater, bro. That one’s all on you.

He also thanked Paula for “putting up with [him] all these years” during one of his acceptance speeches. Don’t you just love when people are SO oblivious and have zero respect for you? You know, he didn’t respect her enough not to continually cheat on her, and he doesn’t respect her enough now not to continue to referring to their relationship as if nothing as happened and that he already has her back. What a prick.

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