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Robin Thicke wrote a song begging Paula Patton to take him back

robin thicke paula patton

This is just getting to be beyond a joke. Robin Thicke has been boo hoo-ing all over the world ever since wife Paula Patton decided to leave his ass. He’s pretty sorry for (having been caught) cheating on her repeatedly, and he just wants another chance to do it again, but so far, she hasn’t taken him back. He hopes to change that, of course, by performing a new song he wrote for the occasion called ‘I Should’ve Kissed You Longer’, which he’ll perform at the Billboard Music Awards.

From TMZ:

TMZ has obtained a copy of the lyrics for the new song — called “Get Her Back” — and the whole thing is dripping with regret over his split from Paula Patton.

Some highlights:
— “All I wanna do is make it right”
— “I gotta get her, go get her back / I gotta treat her right / I gotta cherish her for life”
— “I should’ve kissed you longer / I should’ve held you stronger / And I’ll wait for forever for you.”

Robin’s other public pleas to Paula — opening up during concerts about forgiveness — have fallen on deaf ears.

If at first you don’t succeed … find new ways to beg on national TV.

Wow… AWKWARD. I would seriously hope that despite their “deep love” that will always be there considering they were together so long, that Paula has enough self-respect not to get herself back in this situation. Once a serial cheater, always a serial cheater. I can’t even believe he’s carrying on like this, but I guess life was more fun when he had his cake and ate it, too.

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