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Miley Cyrus rode an inflatable penis and it was gross

miley cyrus penis

I’m not really sure why Miley Cyrus is quite so desperate to prove to us that she’s not really Hannah Montana but a seasoned dick rider and “bad girl”, but it’s getting so old. I mean, it’s been old for a while, but we’re entering Lady Gaga territory here.

During her Bangerz tour stop in London on Friday night, Miley thought it would be all in good fun to simulate giving head on a giant inflatable penis before riding it and grinding on it, as I suppose one would do – not my thing, but to each her own. Nevermind that there were most likely kids in the audience (though yes, I know that’s more up to the parents) and that, you know, it’s classless and pretty trashy. She’d probably love to hear me say that, actually – so there ya go.

Look, I believe people should do whatever they want so long as they’re not hurting anyone else, yada yada, but this is just beyond a joke. She puts this shit out there for public consumption and thinks it makes her look… I don’t know – cool? Edgy? I can’t wait til she looks back 10-15 years from now and dies from embarrassment.

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  • I don’t get it ?? Who is her audience who is she trying to attract ?? I used to say let her be she isn’t hurting anyone it just an act but now ?? Again I don’t get it what am I missing is there an audience for this ?? I mean other than some pervy older dudes cos I kinda am one but …