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Miley Cyrus loves her fans enough to spit on them

miley cyrus

I know there are Miley Cyrus stans out there (“Smilers”, if you will). I accept it as fact, even if I don’t particularly understand or support it. When you love a celebrity – especially when you’re a kid – you want to be near them. I’ve seen grown ass adults even fight over a water bottle a singer left on the edge of the stage, so I know y’all like to get reckless.

However, there has to be a limit, right? Like, for instance, you wouldn’t necessarily want to be spit on by the object of your admiration, I would imagine, if you were of sound mind. However, some Miley fans seemed to be totally thrilled by the idea of having their idol spray a stream of water out of her mouth all over them during the Tampa stop on her Bangerz tour.

I don’t even know why any of this is happening, but whatever. If you’re crazy enough to like Miley Cyrus, I guess anything goes.

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