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Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week!

Oh Miley. What are we to do with you?

Oh Miley. What are we to do with you?

Welcome back to Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week! Here’s what we saw last week. This week, we have a bit of a Taylor Swift bonanza for you, as well as yet another brand new look from Kristen Wiig.

Go through the pics and make your selections for BESTWORST, and most WTF look of the week! Speaking of WTF…



Diane Kruger, what is this monstrosity?? She looks like a giant boot with legs.



I like this dress and heels combo on Cameron Diaz, but the hair seems like an afterthought. I get that there’s a lot going on in the dress that you don’t want to detract from, but it looks like she just pulled her hair back to go to the gym.



What do we think of Fearne Cotton‘s socks with platforms combo? Personally, I’m not a fan, especially with those jeans.



Okay, technically this look is a little over a week old, but I couldn’t omit this from Miss January Jones. I think I love it. I’m pretty sure I’m in the minority. I’m not too crazy about the lopsided hairbow, but whatever.



I think the legs on Jennifer Garner‘s pantsuit are a little too extreme. Makes her look cartoonish.



So Jessica Biel is pretty much flawless. I say “pretty much” because that hair isn’t working for me. But what a gown!



Kate Bosworth looks lovely, but a little too much like a Grace Kelly bobblehead figurine.



I think Kate Upton is absolutely killing it with this look. Flawless.



And here we have Prince William and Katherine. I could die for her coat.



Kellie Pickler looks gorgeous but I think she’s a little too petite for this gown.



LOVE this shorts pantsuit on Keri Russell. She is killing it so hard.



Oh, Kristen Wiig. That hair is diabolical. Skirt doesn’t help. Why does she keep changing up her look? I guess she’s trying to find one that works?



But this head-to-toe (more like wig-to-toe) look on Lady Gaga is a thousand times worse. Sometimes when she’s wild and wacky she comes up with brilliant looks, and other times, we get this.



Louis C.K.. Oh Louis, Louis, Louis, Louis. I get you’re not a fashion guy, but wearing a stained sweatshirt and wrinkled pants to a premiere? Really?



It happened: Reese Witherspoon came up with a running errands outfit that I’m not fond of. Way too much going on here. The printed shorts, the necklaces, the strappy shoes, the hat, it’s like, calm down, Reese. Save some accessories for later.



Rita Ora what the hell is this? Are you trying to get an Adidas deal? You look like Justin Bieber.

~~Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Taylor Swift.~~


I still hate the crop top trend, but I think she actually pulls it off here.



I LOVE this dress. Love it, Jerry!



And I also love how she wears stripes. Who would have thought a striped leotard tucked into short shorts could look so lovely?

~~Thank you for your time.~~


Aaaand here’s Winona Ryder in a sack.


BEST: Kate Upton
WORST: Rita Ora
WTF: Diane Kruger

Your turn!

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  • Ugh, enough with January Jones. I think she keeps her baby daddy a secret to stay relevant. Mad Men is ending…..

  • Best: Keri Russell
    Worst: Kristen Wiig
    wtf: Louis CK

    (and in the trying to damn hard to be noticed category)

    Heading to the Gym: Rita Ora
    Heading to the Mall: Reese Witherspoon
    Heading to the Shrink: Lady Gaga

  • Louis CK is making a statement about how trite and meaningless ones opinion is about fashion
    i think he speaks for every one about how not a big deal it is what you wear as long as you are comfortable and you are an artist not a display case for the last fashion trend

  • P.S
    miley cyrus should stop wearing clothes all together
    in the words of the late great Archie Bunker
    close your legs little girl
    the mystery is over

  • Best is by far (IMO)Taylor Swift, gorgeous and somehow sexy but appropriate.
    Worst- besides Miley? Rita Ora
    WTF-besides Miley? Lady Gaga